Ring Ring

I got a new phone.  I had to because my current cell phone died in such a way that it left the customer service guy at the store with his jaw dropped.  He had NEVER seen a phone just die like that.  They couldn’t even retrieve my numbers.  Total bummer.

BUT, the default ring and the voice mail ring totally sound like porn music.

Now that’s fun.


I removed my wedding ring back in March when it became nice out and I was able to walk outside.  After these walks I would become swollen and my ring would be tight so I’d take it off.  I was afraid of the day it would never come off and then they would have to cut it off and that would make me cry.  Up until June I could still randomly wear it but once June hit, it was over.  I really miss it.  I can’t wait to wear it again.

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  1. I am so glad you wrote this. I can usually wear my ring until about noon, and then I take it off.

    Sorry about the cell phone! Do you like the new one?

  2. You’ll be able to wear the ring again soon, I’m sure. He could be here any day now, right? Even if he takes his time, he’ll be here this time next month. Exciting!

    Hope you like the new phone!


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