As Promised

Here’s Luke in his 11th week of life and loving it!

He smiles big for Mommy!

Here’s my new hair….

And another shot, ignore the giant zit on my chin.

And because I really want to use the new “poll” option because it looks fun….I can’t.  I tried to find a pic of me with my long hair down, to ask if you liked it better but then I realized that I would take it too seriously with my insecure self and decided to forget it.  Look for a poll in the future though because how fun is that??  Oh, and hello giant nostrils in that last picture.  Luke has my nose, therefore he will have giant nostrils as well, but I say better for the picking, you know?

And just on another note, I am lacking in my comments but I am still reading.  We are just super busy with the house stuff and I only have ONE WEEK left before I go back to work so I’m absorbing as much Luke and mommy time as I can.  We snuggled on the couch ALL day yesterday.  Anywho, look for lots of daily posts and comments when I get back to work.  That sounds bad, but it’s true.

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  1. Love the baby. Love the hair.

  2. he is so sweet, you are looking nice too. but i keep going back to his pics…he is SO cute.
    I hope you squeeze out every second of the remaining week and spend it with luke.

  3. One week before you go back to work? Savor it. 🙂

    Nice hair!

  4. Sassafras

     /  October 17, 2008

    Love the hair!

    And of course Luke is ADORABLE.

    According to my husband if you have big nostrils then you have big fingers too. For the picking of course =)

  5. Princesstaj

     /  October 20, 2008

    Hair = fabulous! Baby = adorable!

  6. Your hair is too cute — and so is Luke. Those eyes are GORGEOUS!


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