To the front, to the back

It was last Saturday and after a busy morning I decided it was time for Luke’s tummy time on the floor.  I laid out his blanket and put him on it with his arms in front of him, head propped up so he could watch tv.  Yes, this child already watches tv.  This morning he drank his bottle and watched the news.  He’s intellectual like that.  ANYWAY, on Saturday I turned on one of my dvr’d episodes of 90210, the one where Tracy finds the ring that Brandon bought Kelly but still had and she thinks it’s for her but it’s not and then it’s all arye and emotional….blah, blah, blah.  Luke was pretty enthralled with the show,  I think he has a thing for Donna, so imagine my surprise when I look down and see him roll RIGHT OVER from his tummy to his back.  I squealed with delight at this wonderful milestone and HE CRIED.  I think I startled him with too much glee for one 12 pound baby.  But I guess you could say we are even because he startles me with his too much poop for one 12 pound baby.

ANYWAY again, I texted Rob immediately and when he got back from the grocery store Luke would not repeat his victory over the front to the back rollover, but he did cry and want a bottle.

Luke did roll over twice for Daddy on Sunday though and Rob was super happy to see that!

And because there is still so much more adorableness to share and that was not all the photos from the photo shoot in the last post….

…they will just keep popping up in random posts!

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  1. The milestones are so exciting!

  2. Sass

     /  October 31, 2008

    Bring ’em on! I love the pics.

    How exciting! Yay for Luke!

  3. That picture is awesome.

  4. Such a happy baby! What a cute smile!


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