Weekend Recap…and how it’s working out

I’ve been working all morning while contemplating on a post for today.  I really want to write but I have some things swirling around in my head that I know I’ll end up writing about and shouldn’t because I’m not letting things bother me anymore.  I just can’t believe some people.  Just. Can’t. Believe. Them.

In postitiveland, I had a really good weekend.  A weekend that had me dismissing my fears of not getting enough time with Luke during the week.  I was right about needing to get settled.  Friday I got home around 1:00 and we played and did tummy time while WE caught up on our DVR’d 90210’s.  Luke was worn out by Donna’s large eyes and so he laid down for a nap while I organized a few things here and there that still needed to be organized and started laundry.  When he woke up we did rice cereal, bath time and then played some more before it was bed time.  My sleeping machine was in bed by 7:15 so Rob and I made a plate of cheese and crackers and went back to our favorite past time:  SCRABBLE.  He won.  After scrabble, we watched Ghost Whisperer (which Rob refers to as Boob Whisperer) and Rob almost cried because her husband died.

Saturday morning I woke up before Luke, made tea and played around on the computer for about 20 minutes before Luke woke up.  I brought him downstairs for a morning snuggle and a bottle.  He was back to sleep again and I played more catch up with unpacking.  Rob was off to help his mom move some stuff.  When Rob got back we decided to venture out to the mall and the grocery store.  I bought Luke a new outfit and Rob got new shoes.  I found things I like, but this is where I find myself already putting myself last and HELLO, I didn’t think that would ever happen, and I opted to not get myself anything.  I made up for it by buying an US Weekly at the grocery store. 

We came home after the grocery store and Rob worked on organizing the garage while I played with Luke.  After that Rob played with Luke and I made chili for dinner. 

Luke fell asleep in my arms around 5:30 and stayed asleep until 4:30am the following day.  I don’t lie when I say he is a sleeping machine (mostly during the night).  I loved it though because I let him sleep in my arms until almost 10:00 before I went and put him in his crib. 

Sunday is football day so Luke spends a lot of time with Rob, but I did manage to sneak him away and we watched a Lifetime Movie together.  I did get a good run in on the treadmill.  Now that the twins are milkless, I feel much more comfortable running and I’m hoping to get training for a couple of races in the Spring. 

It’s working.  🙂

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  1. Anonymous

     /  November 10, 2008

    Sounds like a great weekend! Now I’m wanting to hear about “some people”. Tell me more! ms

  2. Sassafras

     /  November 10, 2008

    Sounds like the perfect mix of getting stuff done and enjoying time with those you love.

  3. So glad you’re getting back to running! You can totally do it. 🙂 You’ll be awesome!


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