I Need Your Help!

Luke seems to be having a great time every day with my dad.  When I bring him downstairs before I leave for work, he gets excited when he sees his Papa. 

He had a little bit of a rough week being sick but was pretty much a champ the whole time!


Look at those eyes, you can tell he is sick.  Aw.

I had to laugh on Wednesday when I came home from work….I found Luke ready to hit the slopes in his ski sweater.


Apparently he had peed on the clothes I left out for him for the day so my dad put this outfit together, which is cute, but anything with snowflakes that is red reminds me of skiing on Christmas day.  At least that’s better than the time I came home when he was 8 weeks old and my dad had him dressed in 12 month jeans and a shirt.  The poor child was swimming.  BUT, I’ll give the Mom of the Year Award back because I should have left more clothes out, I’m getting better at that.

Rob took the time on Friday to put together his brand new high chair and Luke was thrilled!


If you remember, this high chair was a gift and sparked this hormone induced letter to the BRU store.  I’m still not happy with their return policy, but I’m pretty much over it and I totally lied because I have to go there today to buy a present for a shower I have this weekend. 

Friday was super fun filled day.  My fave (ex) neighborcame over for a playdate with her son, Will.

Will tried to eat my child.

Or!  He tricked us by trying to THINK he was going to eat Luke but was really whispering an escape plan to get them out of the arms of their crazy Mommas!


(Will:  Hey dude, I’ll distract them with my loud terradactyl scream and then we RUN)

(Luke:  Um, we don’t know how to RUN)

Okay, now it’s time to get SUPER exciting up in here!!!

It’s poll time!  Right now one of the bathrooms in my house is not at all me and my taste so I need to add some fresh paint, a new rug and get rid of some wallpaper.  BUT, we are sort of in a pickle when it comes to color because the countertop is blue.  Not a nasty out of control blue, but blue and we are not able to change it so I thought I would go with a blue, khaki, brown decor in there.  SO, if you had to choose out of these 3 shower curtains, which would you pick?







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  1. How cute is Luke? I love his little ski sweater!

  2. It amazes me how many outfits a baby can go through in one day!

  3. I voted for B, but I love C as well. Guess it depends if you’re going for something more modern or classic. Although, with the trendy blue and brown combo (which I also love), even C. is pretty modern looking. And I am voting nearly a week after your poll, so you have probably already decided and my vote is meaningless anyway. In that case, um… Hi! 🙂

  4. OK, Luke’s eyelashes? AMAZYING!!!

    I voted for C on the shower curtain. I totally almost picked that one for K’s and my bathroom. I love it! (We went with a solid-colored curtain since we have no idea what our bathroom will look like because we have no idea what kind of house we’ll be in because the effing Army won’t tell us where the heck we’re MOVING TO in like 6 months. Awesome.)

    That being said, if you went with any one of those three choices, you’d have a beautiful bathroom. 🙂


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