Letter Number Thirteen

Dear Luke,

Happy 4 month birthday my little man.  I’m really lucky to have been blessed with you in my life.  I think what surprises me the most about being your mom is how it feels like you have always been here.  It’s hard to remember life before you.  I didn’t know I was missing anything because I didn’t know any different, but now that you are here, I feel like a small part of my heart has been filled and is now overflowing.  You have really come a long way in the past 4 months.  You coo and ah-goo constantly and try to imitate me when I sing to you.  Mommy really loves that.  You are rolling over one way and I find humor in how if I lay you on your stomach you will instantly roll to your back…or if I lay you on your back, you will immediately roll onto your stomach.  It’s as if you are saying, “Wrong side, Mommy”, to purposely be all independent.  You love mirrors and I wonder if you know that there is only one of us but I think you enjoy the idea of two of me.  More to go around, I guess.  Luke, you are also really into lights and are in complete awe of the Christmas tree.  You prefer to be interacted with constantly but will sometimes do fine all by yourself in your bouncy.  You just love being paid attention to, singing and dancing for you is my favorite as it gets the best faces and reactions.  You make me feel as if I have real talent but I’m pretty sure you are the only member of my fan club.   You hate any horizontal position while being held.  I think you fear it will put you to sleep.  You cry until you get held up right where you can look around and stay awake.  You continue to fight the Sandman but will eventually give in.  I don’t complain because once you give in, you are asleep for a good 11 hours and most of the time I have to wake you up when it’s a work day.  You are the happiest after you wake up, just like your daddy.  There’s nothing better than walking in to get you out of your crib and watch that I’ve-been-abandoned-face turn into a big smiling happy face.  You have yet to conquer a really good giggle and mommy is waiting impatiently.  You don’t seem to like Mondays but get used to that.  I assume Mondays might be hard for you after spending all weekend with mommy and daddy, but trust me, they are hard for everyone and that’s just a life long lesson we all have to learn.  I’ll try my best to make it the easiest I can on you, not just Mondays but this whole life thing.  I’ll do my best.

I love you Lukey!



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  1. That was adorable. I love it.


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