I Got My Rock Moves

Before I was pregnant I was a runner.  When I didn’t run, I walked Star because I also enjoy walking and Star does not run.  In the summer of 2007 I became friends with my neighbor also known as Neighbor.  Neighbor introduced me to the gym.  Not a normal lift weights/treadmill gym but a gym that only offers classes.  I started going with Neighbor 2 nights a week, one night was kickboxing (which could also be called Kick My Ass) and the other night was Muscle Movement.  Neighbor got prego 2 months before me and you ;retty much know where this is going.  I didn’t exercise much at all while I was pregnant until the May thaw hit and I could walk outside.  I do own a treadmill which I do use quite often.  The only problem is I really do enjoy being outside and sometimes the treadmill is BORING.  It’s like I’m on one of spinning things in a gerbil cage.  Sometimes it doesn’t phase me at all to be on the treadmill and I can go, go, go but other times I’d rather be knawing my own arm off.

While Neighbor and I were off brewing up babies in our womb, the gym was upping their monthly fee of 20 dollars a month to 50.  I couldn’t justify sitting on my growing butt while 50 bucks was withdrawn monthly out of my bank account so I cancelled and so did she.  A few months ago we heard that the gym was closing but last weekend we both looked into and realized it wasn’t and drop in fees were only 5 bucks so we decided to try and get back there and go every Monday and maybe Thursdays too.  Last night was our first night back, oh wait, let me correct that, it was our first night we tried to go back!  They changed the time and we ended up being early.  Both of us had promised our husbands dinner when we got home and we didn’t want to be later than we said, so next Monday it is!  No, seriously IT IS. 

I went back home and started dinner.  I told Rob I was going to head down to the workout room while dinner was in the oven.  This would give me a good 40 minutes and I thought I could get a good run in and do some sit ups.  I started running and about 7 minutes in, I felt like that gerbil.  I pushed and pushed and finally called it quits after a mile and a half.  I did some lifting, situps and legs lifts but I still had some time left before the oven timer so I thought, “What else can I do?”  I can dance!  So I blasted my fauxpod and danced around the room to my little hearts content.  As I turned and turned, I thought, I’m glad no one can see me through that window.  It’s the 5th bedroom in the basement with one of those windows dug out from the ground.  But when I looked closer, I realized that yes, if you were my nieghbor and went to leave, you would indeed see me dancing around this room and…..

I don’ t think you’re ready for this jelly.

So I danced in the corner instead.

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  1. Anonymous

     /  December 16, 2008

    Sweet! Shake it like a polaroid picture! Shake it, shake it in the corner…Good for you! I hope you stay motivated. I know I can’t, so I’m very proud of you. ms.

  2. Maybe that’s why my weight went down a few more pounds unexpectedly – We’re always dancing at our house (not always, but you know…)!

  3. First time visiting here…great blog; can’t wait to read more!


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