When we introduced Luke to Star, she really didn’t seem too interested in him. I carefully knelt down with Luke and Rob rubbed her back while we let her sniff. She sniffed, licked his face and went on about her business like we had just shown her a pillow. If there is one thing Star is, it’s great with kids. I mean, yes, she has her flaws and yes, she is not the friendliest with other dogs, but for the most part, she’s great. Soon after the introduction, I think it became clearer to her that Luke was like A PERSON and not you know, a pillow. When he would cry she would run to me as if to say, “Move your ass lady, the kid needs something.” So I did. Move my ass but apparently not fast enough as I’m still trying to shrink it back to it’s original size preLuke. ANYWAY, Star continues to be great. She lets him grab her ears, and he really loves them. They are super soft. She’s scared me a few times in the night when I go to Luke when he’s crying and I find her sleeping in front of his crib. Hello? Darkness and black dog, can’t see!! One day I came into the living room to find Star practically bathing Luke with her tongue and Lukey just smiling. I’m pretty sure they will be buds. I feel though, that lately, Star has not been getting the attention she deserves. She’s been under my feet a lot which is sort of my first inclination and the number of times I say, “Do you want to sleep with the fishes?” in a week may have increased from like 2 to 5. My point here is that my poor pup needs to get out. But it is so cold out and by the time I get home, it’s dark or pretty much close to it. I could put her on the treadmill but the chances she will stay on there are slim.  I promise to make it up to her when the thaw comes.

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  1. Do you have any neighborhood kids who like dogs and a little bit of extra money? I bet they’d love to take Star for a walk, if she’d cooperate. 🙂

  2. Sass

     /  January 21, 2009

    Awww…I am hoping that our dogs are as great with the new baby as Star is with Luke. Our dogs have been itching to get some real exercise too but like you say, with the snow and darkness, it is near impossible! I see lots of walks this Spring in your future!

  3. Hi, I’ve read your blog a few times but I don’t think I’ve every commented. Just wanted to let you know I have the same frustrations! I have a 4 year old yellow lab and I am lazy in this cold weather and do not walk her. My fiance and I work out at the gym so I have no desire to walk her when it’s -47 in chicago! Also, a neighbor friend of mine bought a treadmill for her dog and it is working out wonderfully! Luke is soo cute!


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