The Snail and the Hair

I went and got my hair done a few weeks back.  As my stylist starting applying the color she asked me how old Luke was.  I told her just 5 months.  She said she could tell by how much hair I was losing.

Um…I’m sorry, what?  Rob had asked me just a week earlier if I was going bald because of all the hair in the shower (gross) but I thought it was because I needed a cut.  That sometimes happens when I need my haircut.

She followed her observation with a quick, “It’s okay, I see all new hair growth and it’s totally normal to lose your hair after you have a baby.”

I asked her if she swore that she definitely saw new hair growth and wasn’t just apeasing me and she said that yes, she did.

Do you know how slow hair grows?  I’m pretty sure that snails would beat hair (and not hare’s) in a race.  I’m pretty sure that the hair growing process is the slowest process on earth.  Hair grows freakin’ slow and all I can do is feel how thin my hair is and everyday I’m looking at it and you know, by the time Luke is like 10, I might have good hair again.  But probably not because I would like to have another baby and that puts Luke at like 15.

I just keep thinking that I can totally deal with it now if it means thicker more luxurious hair in a few years.   And then I just thought something.  How some people lose their hair for real issues like, CANCER and how lame this post is.

So Luke is totally falling asleep right now, ALREADY and it’s 54 minutes earlier than he usually falls asleep and that means he’ll be up at 4 instead of 5, but WAIT, it’s Rob’s night.

Night, night little fellow!

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  1. I’m right there wtih ya! My hair is falling out like crazy!


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