Stay At Home Mom.  That’s me right now.

My goal is to do a day in the life with pictures but that is not today because I don’t have a battery for the camera at the moment, hence the zero pictures of Luke recently.  Don’t worry, pictures are coming because this child is about to sit up on his own and crawl asap so stay posted!  And also, although the budget has been redone, I’m pretty sure a battery can be purchased.  🙂

Last week, before I knew I was going to be JOBLESS, I had decided to do a new thing.  My new thing was to take 4 recipes from Cooking Light and make my grocery list based on ingredients.  The other 3 nights will be our usual items of either a) grilled cheese and tomato soup or b) grilled chicken sandwiches and c) grilled chicken sandwiches.  We really like those.

This is handy for 2 reasons, 1.   I’m always trying to make healthy meals and lose this remaining baby weight and, 2.  It leaves me not making meal decisions while at the store and spending more money than I should.

And right now?  We need to save all the money we can!

Oh, and I have a third reason, I like to know how many calories per serving for EVERYTHING, so yeah, SUPER handy!

On Saturday, I made this:

Guilt-free Lasagna.  It was so delicious and SO filling.

0601p160a-lasagna-m Here’s the recipe.

Today I’m making this:

Enchilada Casserole.  And although I have not eaten it yet, it smells super good and I can’t wait to!

enchiladacasserole-04sescp52-lHere’s the recipe.

And after combing some more recipes today…(yes, I did laundry too and ran 4 miles and got up early to make my husband’s lunch) I can’t wait to try this and I think it’s on next weeks schedule for sure!  It looks so yummy, look how yummy…

long-life-noodles-ck-1867575-l The best part is, I already have all of the ingredients except for three, so HELLO?  Let’s save some money on groceries!  But I do think I would do chicken instead of pork.

I hope you guys like new recipes because I love posting about cooking and I love when other people do.  And you know…now I have time.

My other goal this week, besides you know doing all the stuff that’s required for me to get unemployment is to go to the library and check out, Are You There Vodka?  It’s Me Chelsea.  I love her show and I’ve been wanting to read that book for awhile.  You know I love books like that…hello, the last book I read was this.  I read it in one night.  Be nice, I like other books too it’s just been so long since I’ve gotten around to it since birthing Luke.  It might be nice to start reading again and not having to wait a month in between chapters!

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  1. It sounds like you’re making the best of it. Good luck!

  2. Grilled cheese and tomato soup is a regular feature at our house, too!

  3. Anonymous

     /  January 27, 2009

    I’m always looking for ways to chop the food budget so I like any tips/advice/recipes you can give! jc


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