Thank you, Mr. Sandman

Luke slept through the night last night.  I actually woke up before him in a panic around 5:30 am.  He slept right through until 7:15.  I got a lot of sleep last night so I’m raring to go something fierce.  Right now he’s hanging out in his bouncy mesmerized with his hands.  Not the same as when he was 2 months old and focusing on getting them to his mouth, instead he’s really focusing on how his fingers move and come together with his thumb.  He’s totally scooting across the floor to get to what he wants.  He doesn’t want his bear so much as he wants the remote but it’s awesome.  He’s also sitting up fairly well for about 20 seconds on his own.  He’ll get there.  I plan to get this stuff on video probably today.  Oh and on the camera too, when I go get the battery.

You know what I really have to focus on?  Taking a shower.  Funny, I know but do you realize how easy it is to just not shower when you really have no where to go?  Too easy.  Especially because when I wake up I think, I’m going to run anyway so I’ll shower after that but by that time I’ve started doing something else and holy crap, Rob is home already.

So, I already talked about the recipe thing this week and what my plan is but holy crap, if you want a really good salad, you have to try this one.  It really impressed me and Rob loved it too.  I added chicken since I made it as the main course and I did not put the corn under the broiler (I have never used a broiler, why start now?), I just cooked the chicken in  a pan on the stove and then added the corn in for like 5 minutes.  The dressing was amazing (in my opinion) and I was just sort of shocked how delicious it was.

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  1. i got quite a bit of sleep last night too! and i have also done the panic-wake-up within the last week or so. 🙂


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