Little signs

Last Thursday morning they put my dad on a breathing ventilator.  His breathing became more compromised as last week progressed and they felt this was the best option for him.  Since last Thursday he has been on the vent and heavily sedated.  We met with the Doctor Friday and they were about 95% sure that it was the “perfect storm” that came together to create the delirium.  Too many pain meds the week before he was admitted, not enough oxygen to his blood due to his shortness of breath from getting agitated and also his sleep apnea.  The ventilator gives him 100% of the oxygen he needs and the sedation gives him relief from knowing it’s in and also time to get the meds out of his system so we can be sure that it was the “perfect storm” creating the delirium.  Since Thursday it’s been an emotional rollercoaster.  They have a wonderful team of Critical Care doctors but every doctor is different in the way they speak to us.  This can leave us letting them control the way we feel that day.

Last night though?  Last night was wonderful.  They moved my dad to the brand new Critical Care Unit that just opened yesterday (they moved all patients) but because of the move, my brother and I didn’t go up there till around five.  When we both arrived my dad looked the same…we were kind of admiring his room and Mike had picked up his mail so we were discussing some of that when I turned around and MY DADS EYES WERE OPEN.  I stop Mike from talking with my gasp and fingering pointing towards my dad.

We rush over to his face, he probably thought we were too close to it but hey, we love him.  We started talking to him and he responded to us with nods, shoulder shrugs and squeezing our hands.  I told him that we had someone come look at our house that’s for sale and he raised his eyebrow like he knew and remembered! what I was talking about.  He looked rather sad and a few tears came out although we are not sure if he was actually crying.  We asked if the tube hurt and he nodded, we explained what was happening to him and why he needed it.  I don’t think he’ll remember this but it was so awesome for me and Mike to be able to talk to him and have him respond.  He seemed calm and not upset so that is a good sign as well.  It’s still going to be a long process but this little milestone has made me very happy.  And hey, I’ll take anything at this point…

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  1. Anonymous

     /  February 23, 2009

    that is great news! Glad to hear it! ms

  2. Oh, hurrah! Keep progressing, Dad!

  3. That does sound good. I hope things keep improving!

  4. What great news!

  5. Wonderful news! Here’s to a speedy recovery for your dad.

  6. Sass

     /  February 23, 2009

    I hope this is the beginning of your dad getting better! So glad you and your brother were able to smile about something.


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