How Facebook can be helpful at times…

Last week I was catching up on my Chelsea Lately episodes on my DVR.  In the beginning during the round table Chelsea discussed this new device that’s just been put out for women.

You can check it out here.

So ANYWAY, the real story here is that when I was younger I totally tried to pee standing up once or twice.  One of the times my brother’s friend was over and witnessed (I don’t think he witnessed the actual peeing) the aftermath of one of my parents being like, “Um…Stacey, girls don’t pee standing up, they pee sitting down, now sit down and pee.”

I think I was 6, 7, or 8.  So this friend of my brother’s that was at our house a lot and one of his best friends all through his high school years NEVER LET ME FORGET IT.

Even 3 years ago when I made a trip back to the small town I grew up in for a Winter Festival, he was there and he’s all, “Hey Mikey’ s little sister, remember that time you tried to pee standing up?”, in front of people in a BAR.

Thank you for that, J.  I’d like to kinda let that go since it was I don’t know….25 or so years ago.  LET IT GO BUDDY.

But see now since he’s my friend on facebook I can send him the link and tell him I was light years ahead of my time as a women who can stand up and pee.  And I did.  Send him the link, I mean.

On to other things…

So Friday morning when I wrote the post about my dad, I was feeling pretty hopeless and mad.  I felt like I was in a standoff with God…there we are with our guns drawn (like an old western movie or something to that effect) and I know he’s going to win (he IS God)  so just SHOOT already.  Give me any answer, give me SOMETHING.  Turns out he just grazed my shoulder for now.  My dad did not have a stroke and around 11:00 on Friday morning my brother called and told me my dad had improved AMAZINGLY since the day before and he has continued to improve everyday since.  He still needs to go to a nursing home rehabilitation center and we went and looked at one yesterday that we absolutely loved….you know if you have to put your parents there.  It is rather odd to tour the place and see really old people, and don’t get me wrong, I LOVE old people but it’s hard to see your parent that way.  He won’t be there forever, maybe a few months at the most but it’s still a touch disheartening.  And that’s for ME, I hope he see’s it as a place to recover and work hard at his physical therapy and then move on.  They have not removed the cancer yet and won’t until he builds up his strength so he will have to go to the rehab and then return to the hospital for that.

I just love that yesterday when I was visiting him the morning we had a real conversation and he was telling me tons of stories…and I love that, and even though I know someday he won’t be around, I also know that day is not today.

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  1. It sounds like your dad is making some real improvements – Good stuff! Hope it keeps getting better. 🙂

  2. I’m so glad to hear that your dad is making steps towards recovery. Just remind him – the harder he works, the faster he’ll get out of the rehab center! (Glad you found one that you like, too!)


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