Rattle. Rattle. Not a baby rattle.

We dropped off the Xterra last night so they could run some tests.  She seems to have a little rattling issue when she’s idle that I could only turn up the radio and ignore for so long.

I have that feeling in my stomach.  You know the one…I’m just waiting for them to call and tell me it’s going to cost eleventy billion dollars to fix her.  Unfortunately they don’t let you put cars to sleep without paying them off entirely so we are stuck with her.

Please let it be an empty beer can that got stuck to the bottom of her and is just ratting against her belly….pleeeeeeeeeease!  That can only be like 20 bucks for the trouble of removing it and they can keep the 10 cents from the refund, okay?

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  1. I’m going with a loose pipe somewhere along the exhaust. That shouldn’t cost too much. (and if I’m right, I am going to have to seriously think about a career change 🙂 ).


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