Responding to some comments…

Here is the website for No Worker Left Behind, which is the program that offers the free schooling.  If you have time it will tell you who qualifies and all that fun stuff.

And I wish I would have read your comments sooner…I’m talking to you Courtney, I totally would have bought some chocolate chips to make cookies and now I’m already back from the store.

As far as going for a walk, man I’m really struggling with where I live.  I love, love, love our house but I really miss the sidewalks in our old neighborhood.  And the old ‘hood had a perfect 3 mile route or a 4 mile route.  I have taken Luke in his running stroller on this 4 mile route in the new ‘hood, but I still don’t feel completely comfy about it because there’s no sidewalks, just a shoulder.  The shoulder is wide but for some reason I still feel uneasy about it, the speed limit on that road is 45 mph.  Almost all the neighborhood streets around here are horse shoes or dead ends so it’s not like I can go into a neighborhood and get lost for an hour or so while walking or running.  This leaves me having to probably go to park with a trail but I have yet to find that, I am going to check one out tonight with Rob but I feel like I’m always scared (of being killed by a murderer) and I wonder if that’s normal or am I crazy?

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  1. Thanks for the link. Good to know!

    Also, I totally feel that way when I go on a walk or run by myself. I’ll only go in certain parts of our neighborhood in the evenings, and I always want to be home well before dusk.

  2. Now you just have to walk to a store to get those chocolate chips! : ) Just kidding!! Surely you have other ingredients in your house to bake something yummy and make us all jealous since we’re stuck at work behind a desk in a window-less office motivating ourselves to pump so that baby has something to drink.



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