I might need an intervention…for Cheez-Its

Okay, so I feel that OFFICIALLY I’m only on week like 4 (maybe 3) of being unemployed since 5 or 6 of those weeks I was so busy dealing my dad that they didn’t really count.

Over this time, their are a two things I’ve become addicted to.  Someone recently asked me if I’ve taken to watching soaps or talk shows and at that point I really had not, but then suddenly….I found myself starting to get mad if I missed the first 20 minutes of The View.  The first 20 minutes is very crucial!  Four out of the five days there is always a fun disagreement between Elizabeth and one of the other ladies.  SO ENTERTAINING!!  I finally got my shit together and admitted to myself that I needed to DVR it in case I found myself in the situation, which is usually what happens, where I’m chasing a very energetic incredibly speedy army crawler down a hallway and stopping him from picking up Star’s hair balls to choke on.  This is where you say, “Stop watching The View and get out the vacuum!”  Um, I sweep and or vacuum every other day and I swear, hair balls fall from the sky here.  I think even, if for some CRAZY reason, Star were to be adopted by a celebrity (not that she’s up for adoption or anything, but if the right celebrity offered the right amount….eh, who am I kidding?) and plucked her out of this world of laying on the couch and doing nothing all day and put her into a better one of laying on a more expensive couch and doing nothing all day…..what I’m saying is, if Star left here I think we’d still have hair balls a year later.

I’m probably losing you at this point.  I’ve also become unhealthily addicted to Cheez-Its.  I’m not sure what The View and Cheez-Its have in common other than I like to snack on them while I watch Elizabeth say things like, “Excuse me, DO NOT TELL ME WHAT I THINK!”  Oh and the look on Barbara’s face…she is totally getting a talkin’ to after they leave that table!

So that’s it.  That’s all I’ve really had time to become addicted to but it totally happened without warning so I’m not saying it won’t happen with something else.

Let’s move on to some parenting crap.  If there was one area where I was maybe sort of failing, it was nap time.  I could just sort of tell when Luke would get sleepy, gosh with all the WAILING it’s hard not to, but I would just pop a bottle in his mouth and fall asleep he would.  It didn’t matter where he was.  Like, in my arms even.  The thing about this is that is that, speaking of Star, she has the loudest nails in the world and we have a wood floor so even though you could vacuum right next to Luke’s head whiles he’s sleeping…for some reason Star’s nails on the floor wake him EVERY TIME.  So what I’m saying is he would only get maybe 20-30 minutes at a time and this would happen like 5 times a day.  My goal over the last two weeks were to try and set a nap schedule where the child actually went to his crib for a good hour or two.  Lord help me.  In addition to the nap I felt that Luke was ready to start needing an actual lunch, I figured this out when he started inhaling 2 or 3 of the baby food containers at dinner.  So I started it.

10:00am:  Backyardigans

10:30am:  Wonder Pets

11:00am:  Lunch  (The View is recording)

12:30 or 1:00:  Nap.

This is our second week and it’s working and I’m happy.  Sometimes the time he goes down is iffy depending on what time he wakes up in the morning but it’s still working and one day he slept THREE hours.

I didn’t know what to do with myself.  I probably could have swept or vacuumed but I think instead I’m pretty sure I ate Cheez-Its and watched The View.

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  1. itsybitsymama

     /  March 31, 2009

    Ian is starting to nap longer and yes, napped almost 3 hours the other day!! I didn’t know what to do with myself either and I’m certain I was not cleaning!!

  2. Don’t worry about the vacuuming. If it’s not dog hair, it would be lint or stray fibers off a rug or a bit of paper that you didn’t notice flutter to the floor when you opened the mail…. My 9-month-old has discovered that she can get into the cardboard recycling bin. Even if I watch her like a hawk, she still manages to sneak in there and put bits into her mouth. Argh. Yet another thing we have to find room for in the “Not For Baby” closet.

  3. Did you know they make Scrabble Cheez-Its that have letters on them?

  4. Sass

     /  April 1, 2009

    Oh Cheez-Its can be so yummy. Damn you – now I want some!


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