I’ll just be happy to lay down my head tonight

The thing that made me want to cry is fixed.  Well, not fixed but solved and maybe I jumped the gun a bit on the crying thing but then again I am having a visitor at the moment.  Can we talk about that?  I mean, yes it’s really personal and everything but I just want to say something and it’s my blog and so stop reading if you don’t want read about Aunt Flo.   This is only my second period since having Luke.  I felt like after the first one, which was at the beginning of February and two weeks long, that my body had seriously finally flushed out some pregnancy hormones, like I felt better and lighter and suddenly started dropping the weight.  Maybe it was all coincidence but it just felt that way.  So now here I am in my second time around and I sort of forgot how moody I can be when it comes, and um…moody I am, or not so much moody but if the wrong thing happens or is said then my whole world can collapse in 30 seconds which is what happened today but then was quickly put back together when I realized that their could be a solution and what do you know?  There was!   I woke up on the right side of the bed today even though I had a feeling what my day was going to consist (bawling during The Locator was my first clue) of and I even started out by cleaning out the office and packing away old books and such to make things neater and more organized.  But then when I walked out to find Star mulching up the wooden blocks we bought Luke, I wasn’t happy.  So far she’s eaten the L and the U, what is she trying to tell us?  And then for some reason my child would not nap today and finally just when he fell asleep and  I grabbed the monitor to head down to the treadmill to fit in my run, he woke up.  So then I get a little mad that it’s 30 degrees in April.  Too cold for Luke to accompany me on a run, for sure.  I spent the next half of my day keeping him from opening the drawers in the kitchen, the doors on the bottom of the entertainment center, and from climbing up the stairs.  We went through two falls and a finger pinch.  Time to get safety latches.  I went to Target to pick up the pictures I got developed, trash bags and safety latches.  Forgot the safety latches.

My husband comes home and we talk about what to have for dinner for about 52 minutes.  The problem is, I don’t want dinner.  And here’s my other problem (man, I bet the mad commenter on my last venting post will just LOVE this post).  I’m having a really hard time eating since The Great Puking Fest of 2009. I can eat things, but only certain things and I cannot even fathom finishing a meal.  I have finished one meal since.  I finally confessed this to Rob, who kept wondering why I wasn’t eating dinner, or wanting dinner  or only taking 4 bites of dinner.  I told him I do eat, but I’m having a hard time eating CERTAIN things.  Like tonight for example, he kept offering to go pick me up a burger.  No thanks.  And then he offered something chicken like.  No thanks.  I didn’t want to tell him that I only felt comfortable eating certain things because I was sure he’d think I was crazy, but I finally just told him.  He didn’t think I was crazy but still said he thinks I’m not eating enough.  He asked if I would eat french fries to which I answered yes, so he’s getting some as I type this.

I just want to watch my DVR’d Oprah from yesterday and read my book.

Rant over.

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  1. Glad you got it all out, girlie. That’s what blogs are for! XO

  2. Glad you’re feeling a little better.

  3. That’s what blogs are for…you can put it all out there. And what a sweet husband, who goes and gets what you need!


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