Sick. Again.

How do I keep getting sick?  I don’t GO anywhere or hardly DO anything!  All weekend I had a headache.  Monday started with that feeling of when you swallow it sort of feels funny like it’s coming but I kept trying to ignore it.  Monday night I still tried to convince myself it was nothing but yesterday I woke up with razor blades in my throat.  I laid down Luke for his nap and he was not enjoying it so I finally laid him down with me and we both slept 3 hours.  He woke up raring to go, I woke up sicker.  Rob was home by then and I told him I was going for a run even though inside I could feel my body saying, “Really?  I don’t think so.”  Rob could tell this and suggested a family walk around the neighborhood and I obliged.  On the walk was when I finally admitted that I was definitely sick because halfway through I was so weak from walking I wanted to lay down on the pavement and die.  I went to bed at 7:00 last night.  I feel better today.  The sore throat is gone, and it’s the first day I have woken up without a headache.  I need to run today.  My 10K is a week from Saturday.  We’ll see but if I don’t today then I HAVE TO tomorrow.  Now it’s time to watch my DVR’d American Idol.  WHEEEEEEEEEE!

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  1. Michelle

     /  April 29, 2009

    get well so you can fly through the race! You Superwoman!

  2. If I had a DVR I would totally DVR American Idol. Because suddenly I’m hooked on it.


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