My babe turns ten months old today.  Two months from today there will be balloons, family, cake, friends, cake filled hands, lots of kisses and a ONE year old.  Lord help me.

I continue to be in awe of him, just how I was back when it all started.

Luke 054

Wow, I look really sleepy. And right below Luke is a giant pair of double D’s, yikes!  Now, they might be a B.  On a perky day.

In other news, on Friday I picked up three books the library had ready for me off of the wait list.  I started reading The Ladies Lending Library…as I turned the page, the middle of the book sort of opens by itself, I thought, “Oh, the last person left their bookmark in it.”  Um….yeah it’s a perfume sample of Mariah Carey’s M.  So now with every turn of the page, I smell it.

I’m not enjoying that.  I wish someone had left a freshly baked pan of brownies in there instead.

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  1. In 3 days I am going to have a five year old. Five year old! He was just a baby!

    • JC

       /  June 1, 2009

      My 11 year old is finishing 5th grade this week…she was just a baby too!

  2. It is funny how tired I look in every picture of me for the first 4 months.

    Happy 10 month birthday, Luke!

  3. JC

     /  June 1, 2009

    Luke looks so different!!! Oh I love him!

  4. floridagal

     /  June 3, 2009

    congratulations…he is becoming so big and CUTE


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