I had about 8 books on my wait list at the library.  Six of them came in within a week so I’m like, “Where in the world do I start?”

Wednesday night I randomly picked up Still Alice and began reading.  I finished it last night.  This book was unbelievable.

It did not leave me wanting more, it ended perfectly and even though I finished it in two days, I didn’t feel rushed.  Sometimes I feel rushed.

In other worldly news, (HA) we are pretty sure we have a buyer for our other house and so my mind has been a little consumed with that lately.  There are funny stories and embarrassing moments to share but I can’t seem to gather them correctly in my mind.

I’m happy it’s Friday though.  Okay, seriously this post is so lame I want to delete it but I’m not going to because then I’ll feel like the last 10 minutes of brain usage was a waste.

Pppppfffffffffttttttttttttttt.  That’s a fart noise.

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  1. I had not heard of that book, but I just read the description, and oh my; it sounds terrifying!

    Six library books at once? I haven’t done that since I was a kid. I would NEVER get through them before the due date now.


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