Water Baby

Today is Father’s Day.  I waited until today to go get cards and that was clearly a mistake.  There were just a few left dangling from the display and it was sad.  A “few” might be an exaggerating.  I called my dad and told him Happy Father’s Day and said, “You know I love you, right?  You don’t need a card to give you that information, correct?”  He said yes.  Next weekend we are all going to a Whitecaps game for his actual gift so he really did not mind.    Rob is out golfing at the moment for his gift and I also picked him up a few things from Luke.

Yesterday we went to a cottage out on lake that is very green.  A nice pretty green, not porta potty green.  This was Luke’s first trip to a lake that he might actually go in.  Let’s see how he like it…..

Water Baby 014

He did not.  He was hanging on for dear life.

Water Baby 013

So he hung out with me up on shore and was perfectly happy eating fruity Cheerios while telling me an important story.  Probably about how scary the water was.

Water Baby 015

Water Baby 019

Water Baby 023

Today while I was out not buying cards, I picked up him a little baby pool.  He is not like that either.  He loves bath, so I don’t get it.  He’s done drinking his bottle now so we are going head back out and try again.

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  1. B is indifferent about the water so far. He is indifferent about his baths too, so I’m not surprised.

  2. Great pictures. Luke looks so much like his dad! You know that, though, right?

  3. itsybitsymama

     /  June 22, 2009

    Ian loves baths, so we enrolled him in swimming lessons at a local pool (indoors). It’s heated, but not as warm as bath water and for 6 of the 8 classes, he cried ALOT. The last two classes? He actually smiled and did not cry once either time. I say, give it time–I do believe it’s a temperature thing.

    We just got a baby pool, too…it hasn’t yet arrived but I cannot wait to use it!!

  4. JC

     /  June 22, 2009

    We should rent that cottage next summer! Maybe Labor Day weekend…


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