Who needs to go to the zoo when you have a zoo right in your own backyard?

Last weekend, as in last last weekend we went to the zoo.  I’ve been meaning to post pictures from the day but didn’t really know what to say “story” wise.  I mean, we went to the zoo and nothing really exciting happened except I’m not a fan of chimpanzee’s or gorilla’s or anything from that family of animals.  They scare me.  But then yesterday when I almost CRAPPED my pants for the millionth time, it occurred to me that yes, I do in fact, have a story to go along with the zoo post.

When I lived in the Cheese House, it wasn’t nature city.  I wouldn’t call living here “nature” city either, but it’s more diverse, let me tell you.  At the Cheese House I had squirrels and bee’s.  Over here?  Well, we have a serious (I don’t think they are all serious, I bet some of them know how to have fun too) large family of rabbits that live just beyond our fence and under the neighbors shed.  Star tries to catch them daily but is held back by her chubbiness.  We have all sorts of birds besides just the regular old Robin.   Cardinels and Blue Jays too!!  We were kind of excited about our little family of rabbits because there are also bunnies and they are very cute, one of them almost gave Rob a heart attack when it jot out of the garden while he was standing over it.  I think these animals might be trying to kill us because we also have a duck.  A duck that lives under a small tiny tree right next to our front porch.  She gets startled when we open the front door to leave which then when she gets startled and leaves the tree in a flapping wing hurry, that startles us and I’m left standing there shaking with a hot flash and it was only a stinking DUCK.  She only got me once, but she got Rob three times before he’s like, “Wait a minute, what is she doing under there?”  She’s sitting on eggs is what she’s doing.  She’s got her little nest with about 12 eggs.  I really want to take a picture but I don’t want her to get all pissy and then eat her young because I snapped a picture of them.   But you can bet that when they hatch I will definitely take pictures.  The other thing we have a lot of?  Frogs.  I’m sorry TOADS.  Rob corrects me when I call them Frogs but WHO CARES?  They still scare the crap out of me.  Okay, they more like startle me with there jumping skills and they just jump out of nowhere and I almost chopped one of their heads off with the mower, it’s like MOVE I’m coming at you with a large blade.  I had to get one to hop in a cup and throw him over the fence so he could live and what does he do to pay me back?  He jumps about 6 ft in the air out of the plant right next to the water spicket with the hose attached and I screamed exactly how you can imagine a little girl would scream and I had to look around in embarrassment.  Luckily no one heard that which means they probably didn’t hear me swearing at it either.

That’s enough about our death zoo.  I still think posting pictures of the animals from the real zoo is boring so I’ll just post my few favorite pictures of the day.

Summer 2009 031

Here is our first attempt at trying to snap our own family picture that didn’t work out but for some reason this picture makes me laugh!

Summer 2009 029

Okay, here’s the pic that did work out.

Summer 2009 030

And just for good measure, here’s a penguin, because I love them!  He’s swimming.

Summer 2009 037

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  1. Cute family picture!

    Your zoo yard sounds very scary!

  2. You have the cutest family ever.

    Love the pictures of L at the beach. And that penguin! So cute.

  3. We were at the zoo this weekend, too! If you saw penguins, you weren’t where we were (Binder Park).

    We’ve got a huge toad living in our yard. And a rabbit (hopefully we still have a rabbit – she ventured next door to crazytown, but I already blogged about that).


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