Face it, it was not pretty

A few weeks ago I was combing through Facebook and came across some pictures from my good friend Amelia’s birthday dinner last year.  They were on her page.  Obviously I was pregnant last year and as I saw of few of giant self I was taken back to last year when I was HUGE and waiting for Luke to come into our lives.  Now he’s here and he’s CRAZY, but I love him.  What do I mean by CRAZY?  He climbed our entire flight of stairs yesterday.  AN ENTIRE FLIGHT OF STAIRS.  It’s a big flight, I might add.  He was climbing about 2 steps and getting back down and he’s always under watchful eye, so no big deal.  But yesterday I was doing something in the kitchen and I came around the corner to find him more than half way up.  So instead of panicking, I got up behind and him and told to keep going, “HE COULD DO IT!”  I said.  And he did.

I’m getting off track….this about the picture.  So every picture is of me and my belly…..except for this one:

fat stacey

Sweet Mary Mother of Baby J.  I immediately commented to please remove this picture from the public view and of course, Amelia replied with, “Your wish is  my command!”  It’s one thing to be large and in charge because your prego but do you see a bulging belly in this photo?  I DON’T, which means there could be some confusion that there’s a baby on the way!

Obviously, I’m ridiculous but WHATEVER.

Last week when snapping photos of Luke one day, Rob took a photo of me.  When I was downloading them to the computer, I saw it and realized how different I looked in that picture versus the ABOVE picture.  I emailed Amelia and asked for a copy of  the above picture which probably confused her.  Maybe she thought I wanted to tape it to my cupboard so every time I reach for the Cheez-It’s, I’ll immediately change my mind and reach for a piece of crunchy lettuce instead.

Water Baby 003

Okay, are you ready for the point of this?  Here it is.  When I was pregnant I would see a photo of my nonprego self and recall how not fat I was and say out loud to myself, “I can’t believe I thought I was fat, if I lose this baby weight and get back down to THAT size, I will never say that again!”

Well, here I am.  And I found myself thinking it, not being happy with myself AGAIN, and then I came across this.  I’m not saying I still won’t “try” to lose a few more pounds, BUT I’m not going to think I’m fat until I look like that above picture again.  I mean WOW.  I think I had some extra water weight that day.

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  1. Judy

     /  June 23, 2009

    I love that you wrote about this! I’ve yet to be pregnant, but know quite a few moms and weight has always been a big issue! About a month ago, I was at the nail salon and the nightly news was on, and there was a story about pregnancy and obesity, they claimed that overweight women shouldn’t gain more than 15 lbs during a pregnancy. I thought that was ridiculous! I know it’s said that 30 is the norm, but the body is going to do what the body is going to do. All the stress of how you look is unnecessary to put on a woman who’s carrying a baby. It makes me crazy because I want to have a baby, but am much heavier than I’d like to be and therefore I keep waiting, saying I’ll wait until I lose at least 30 lbs, then start.
    Anyway! Sorry to rant on regarding your post! I love this post.

  2. JC

     /  June 23, 2009

    You look GREAT in both photos! Yes, you do. You were a super cute prego! But you have worked really hard to lose all your weight and you should be proud-you look awesome!!!! Good job.

  3. Sass

     /  June 24, 2009

    There is a picture on my desk from my wedding and it from behind. I think I look fat – my back and arms. In ten (twenty, etc.) years I’m probably going to say, “I can’t believe I thought I looked fat there, I was beautiful!” Wouldn’t it be so much better if I think “What a magical day. I was really HAPPY!” when I look at that picture?


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