Strollers Don’t Take Gas

When you put a onesie on your baby and it looks like a scoop neck tee from Express, you know it’s too small.  Luke is growing fast out his onesies and actually has no pants that fit him right now that aren’t lined or heavy for winter months.  I was bored the other night and was playing on the internet and found that Baby Gap and Old Navy had some pants on clearance for his next size up.  I thought it might be good to get him pants now and not wait until Fall when nothing is on clearance.  I almost ordered them right then but then decided that 7.00 dollars for shipping was ridiculous and a trip to the mall would give us something to do.  We went yesterday morning and I did find him 2 pairs of very cute pants for half off.  It’s also time to clean out the dresser of any sizes 6-9 months so I put that on my todo list.

I did notice in the morning that the belly of the Xterra needed to be filled but I forgot about it on the way back.

Later in the day my dad called and asked if I could pick him up from the hospital and bring him home since my brother had an appointment.  No problem.  I told him I had to stop and get gas and then I’d be there.

Or maybe what I should have said was, “I’m going to attempt to stop and get gas but I’m going to RUN OUT OF IT FIRST so it will take me longer than I anticipate!”

Yes people, I ran out of gas on the way to the gas station.  The Xterra started sputtering and even then my initial thought was we are breaking down and not that my truck was actually DEHYDRATED.  That thought was quick to escape though and I soon realized that I was indeed running out of gas and OH SHIT.  I turned off the air conditioning and prayed hard to Baby J that I could just get to the parking lot of the store that the gas station resides in so I didn’t have to block traffic and I could be discreet so that not everyone in the free world would know I am a MORON.

We barely made it into a parking spot, I was all jacked up and crooked parked.  Then I became one of those people I do not enjoy, those people who feel the need to explain themselves to STRANGERS.  I did just that to a lady who parked next to me and kind of looked at me odd for parking crooked so I started my rambling.  Like running out gas makes me look smarter than parking crooked, ah NO.

Luke is babbling in the backseat, probably telling me how dumb I am and I’m thinking, “Okay, okay I can handle this.”  Surprisingly I wasn’t frustrated and found more humor in the situation then I normally would and hey, I have something to blog about!

I packed up Luke in his stroller.  We strolled over to the gas station and asked for the little gas container.  We filled it.  People did look at me.  When I pulled up to the pump behind the stroller to fill the tiny gas can, I felt like people were wanting to stop and tell me that, “Strollers don’t take gas.”  I was humiliated.  Five minutes later though, we were back at the truck and gave her enough gas to get us to the pump.  I filled it up and we were on the road again!  I was feeling victory over the situation!

And today I stopped Luke from getting into a dangerous cupboard with two hair ties and teeny tiny rubberband!  I’m MommyMacGyver, here HEAR me roar!  (had to fix that typo!)

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  1. itsybitsymama

     /  June 24, 2009

    Your post made me laugh. I can just picture you with the stroller filling up the little gas container! Ha!

  2. I have feared running out of gas, but I haven’t done it. Yet. Good job on figuring out a plan of action! And good job on the Mommy Macgyver move!


    You tweeted that you had a good story. You did NOT disappoint!

  4. So they just let you borrow a gas can to buy the gas, or did you have to buy the container?

    I’m surprised no one asked you where you got the fancy gas powered stroller.

    • Stacey

       /  June 25, 2009

      They let me borrow it. I think they felt sorry for me when I walked in with my baby in a stroller!!

  5. Sass

     /  June 24, 2009

    HA – mommy Macgyver!

    I had a lovely car incident the other day too.

    I left the lights on and when I got out from Target the car wouldn’t start (this was of course after I remembered Target shopping carts and my carseat don’t mix AND the stroller wasn’t in the car). I had to wait for AAA which thank goodness was pretty quick.

  6. floridagal

     /  June 25, 2009

    that is quite impressive what you did today with a baby in hand :).

    on another note, gymboree is having their sale and they have some excellent clothes on 60% off right now.

    did i mention that i am having a boy in october….hence the knowledge of sale of baby clothes!!!

  7. JC

     /  June 25, 2009

    That made me laugh too- I needed it!


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