Clean Sweep

If an unannounced visitor stopped by my house today I would be extremely embarrassed.  It looks like a tornado swept through it.  It’s unfortunate that the tornado didn’t have a broom attached and swept floors on it’s way through.

On the kitchen table there is a diaper bag that looks like it threw up.  A pair of jeans I bought Rob for Father’s Day that are too small for him in such a way that when he tried them on I saw things through those jeans that even though I love him and think he’s quite attractive, I don’t even want to see (your welcome).  They are waiting on the table to be exchanged.  There is another pair of pants and a shirt that Rob laid out last night before he went to bed so that this morning when he woke up at the butt crack of dawn to go golfing he would not wake me when he’s in search of an outfit.  Apparently he had a wardrobe crisis and went with a different outfit.  There are two library books as well.  On the counter (I call it the bar counter) there are two stacks of mail, one pile needs to go in the trash but didn’t make it, the other pile is precious because it contains my FINALLY received student loan information and the letter from the unemployment agency giving me another 26 weeks!  Thank you for that, Baby J.  There is also two opened boxes of garbage bags, two boxes of sandwich bags, and aluminum foil.  This is out of the last drawer that has not been baby proofed that Luke found his way into this morning and instead of playing that game where I keep filling and shutting the drawer and he keeps opening it and emptying it, I just put everything on the counter until Rob can install the last and final safety latch.

As you can see, I am typing and not cleaning.

Everything has finally been baby proofed with safety latches and last week we installed the gate in the staircase since we gave birth to a monkey that can learn to climb a stair case but has yet to take a step on his own.  With the installation of the baby gate leads us to another problem, our dog.  Star cannot get over the gate, obviously, and so unless we want to listen to a tap dancing dog show all night on our wood floors or constant barking, we have to lift her chubby highness over it every night and morning.  My back is starting to hurt.

I did do some cleaning on Wednesday which involved the bathroom and sweeping but the dog hair is out of control and no matter what I do, it’s never gone.

I have a party at my house a week from tomorrow, I hope it can look somewhat presentable.  Luke will be ONE YEAR OLD in less than a month which involves another party, and holy crap I can hardly believe it.

So…I guess I should get off the computer and go get some crap done so I can enjoy this holiday weekend which will involve a parade, some beach time, some park time and some running time.

Happy 4th of July.  Smooch.

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