Jack and Jill

Every night before Luke goes to sleep I read him Goodnight Moon.  I didn’t really plan it that way, you see, it was the only book one night in arms reach that had hard pages.  Paper pages=bad.  Since then it stays on the floor of his bedroom and that’s what I read him.

A week or so ago as I watched Rob play with Luke on the floor, doing the most hilarious thing he does every night, (Rob just chases him on the floor yelling “BOO” and Luke thinks that is the funniest thing ever!) I told him how I thought he was a really good dad and that Luke just loved him to pieces.

Rob stops and says, “Yeah, but he really loves his Momma, he’ll really sit down and listen when you read to him, with me, it’s like I’m chasing him around with the book telling the story.”

I kind of laughed it off and we both proceeded with what we were doing, Rob chasing Luke and me catching up on The View that was on the DVR.

A couple of days later, Rob and Luke were in the living room while I was in the kitchen and I heard Rob pick up the book Jack and Jill and start reading it.  This is when I really got it and started laughing OUT LOUD.

This is how I read the book:

Jack and Jill went up the hill (see there’s Jack and oooh, there’s Jill, she’s pretty!) to fetch a pail of water (oh water, splash, splash!) Jack fell down, (oh poor Jack faaaaallling!) and broke his crown!  (OH NO) and Jill came tumbling after!”  Then I would tickle him.

Here’s how Rob reads the book:

Jack and Jill went up the hill to catch a pail of water, (See, there’s the well and do you know how a well works? (explains it)) Jack fell down (because gravity stepped in, do you know what gravity is? (explains gravity)) and broke his crown….

Doesn’t get to finish because Luke has hightailed it out of the living room and into the kitchen where he has a drawer that he’s been in and already emptied right after the word “gravity”.

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  1. -R-

     /  July 16, 2009

    I like that Rob asks Luke questions and then answers them. I do that too.

    But yeah, I wonder why Luke won’t sit still for explanations of physics and engineering. That’s just so surprising! =)

  2. That’s hysterical!!! I love how mommys and daddys are so different, yet both are so wonderful 🙂

  3. I love that. Although I have to say, I kind of appreciate the fact that he’s trying to teach Luke about gravity already. Just think how smart that kid will be!! 🙂


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