Once 9:00 hits, you’ve lost me

I’m bored again.  This happens.  One minute I’m busy dealing with a sick father or planning a surprise party and the next minute, bored.  Sure, sure there is stuff to do.  Toys are everywhere and I’m sure I can scrounge up some laundry, even though, surprisingly, most of it is done right now.  But,pretty much the only time there are not toys everywhere is when I’m cleaning the floor and then right after it dries, toys everywhere again.  It seems like they should just stay where the are, what’s the point?

Last week I reorganized all the cupboards in the kitchen.  And I still find myself going to the wrong cupboard this week because I moved stuff around, I’m sure that will stop soon.

Today, when Luke goes down for nap 1, I’m going to go weed our front landscaping and trim a few things.  EXCITING blog?  YES!

So I’ll leave you with this conversation that I had with my husband last night before we fell asleep.  ACTUALLY, he had asked me some deep questions like 5 times last night RIGHT BEFORE I WAS FALLING ASLEEP and woke me up each time so you can imagine how happy I was when I was just about to fall asleep for the SIXTH time and he asked me this:

“Sweetlips, where do you want us to be in 30 years?”

“Do we need to discuss this right now?  Okay, let’s see in 30 years I’ll be 62 (thanks for reminding me!) and…..well, I’d like to still be working because that’s how I am, I’ll probably be really busy with weekly bingo games and I’d like to be running 1 mile a day, hopefully if not more.”

“You don’t like bingo.”

“But I’ll learn to like it because I’m 62.  In fact, I just saw an ink blotter at the store the other day and thought about picking it up.”

“And maybe you should consider not running but walking instead.”

“Are we done?  I’M TIRED.”

“I’m just trying to talk to you about deep stuff.”

“I know, but you always do it when I’m the most sleepy.”

“Fine, don’t talk to me about important stuff like our future.”

“You know what else I’ll be doing?  Still having this conversation with you.”

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  1. That’s weird, because at our house, I would be the one wanting to talk about important things while hubby is trying to sleep. He solves this problem by going to bed later than me. Ha.


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