You’d think by the way I am today that I stayed out partying until 2am, but really I just met some old friends for dinner and stayed out until about 9:30.  YIKES!  PARTY GIRL IN THE HOUSE!  Not.

Not, is cheesy but I still use it.

Anyway, it was a dinner where we brought the kiddies because one of the friends that lives in New York hadn’t met the two newest additions.  Now that I think of it, has he met the 11 yr old FIRST addition?  I’m not sure.

Anyway again, dinner was at 7 and I knew this would be rough because Luke goes to bed at 8.  From 7 to 8 we are playing on the floor, chasing him around, practicing his walking and just hanging out before he retires for the night.   But instead, he was strapped in a high chair in the middle of a restaurant.

Let me stop here and say that the high chair was DISGUSTING!  I hesitated even putting him in it, but becuase I knew that I’d be holding him for most of the dinner anyway, I thought a few minutes in the beginning wouldn’t be bad.

Now, here’s where it gets sticky (not quite as sticky as the high chair, but go with it), Luke does not want to be held.  He wants to be in MOTION.  As he is right this minute crawling up and down the hallway while I type this.  So when I’m holding him, he’s arching his back like a bucking bronco.  SO FUN.  I give him things to distract him, he throws them.  He’s tired and wants down.  If he was totally walking and not crawling at all, this might be an option just for us to sort of walk around a little (not to let him just run free), but I was not about to let my child crawl on that floor.  Gross.  So I held him, Jen held him too to help me out, and I’m doing my best to still be involved in conversations and just ride it out.

But I feel like it looks like he’s a bad child.  He’s not even one yet, so I realize that he can in no way really be “naughty”.  I do try to instill things in him now but I sort of feel like when I take him to a restaurant at 7pm, an hour before his bed time, that it’s my fault.

So, when these situations arrive should I just say that I’ll be making an appearance and Luke won’t?  Or do I take him and suffer through?

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  1. Amie

     /  July 23, 2009

    If you do that, you’ll never go out to dinner! I’d split it and take him half the times. This is going to go on for the next 4 years….. Dinners out were a thing of the past with my family till the kids were at least 5. Kids just never like to sit in one spot for long. Maybe they all handled it wrong but I’d hold him at dinner! In fact I think I will next month!! LOL!!

  2. Been there. I now understand why you invite people over earlier rather than later. Our daughter is the same way and basically on the same schedule as your son (she’s 10 1/2 months). In the future, I would skip it or make an appearance without him (but bring pictures). If anyone wonders, tell them. It’s not a secret that kids go to bed early. As a homebody, I kind of secretly relish the fact that we have to stay in now after 8p.

  3. This hasn’t come up too much for me yet since B has only really been mobile for 6 weeks or so. But I have chosen to either leave him at home (with a babysitter or H), or when that’s not possible, I have opted out. If I try to go and deal with crazy baby, I stress out about it beforehand, then I am totally stressed the entire time we’re out as well. It’s not worth it to me.

    My mom said these months when the baby is crawling but not walking (very well) are the hardest months to take a baby out. She has assured me that it gets easier once you can let the baby get out some energy by walking around.

  4. JC

     /  July 24, 2009

    I thought Luke did really well. He certainly wasn’t naughty-AT ALL.
    And yes he met the first addition when she was born- he bought her a little yellow flowered bikini. 🙂

  5. We often opted out if it didn’t work with our son’s schedule, or would just show up for an appetizer or something. Also, we had some toys we would bring to restaurants. One was a suction cup thing that went right on the table and had some things he could spin.


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