A bowl full of jelly…

Rob and I have this thing, well, HE has this thing…where he’s obsessed with my boobs.  Yes, yes, what man isn’t (not obsessed with my boobs per say but with another pair, or the pair THEY married!)?  He’s always trying to grab them and he even will cop a feel in the middle of the night to which I exclaim, “They will still be there in the morning!”

Your welcome.

I’ll continue…

I get annoyed with it.  And I give him a hard time about it.  BUT, once and awhile I’ll do this thing where I’ll go up behind (or sometimes in front of him) him if he’s in the computer chair, or on the couch….put my shirt over his head and put them right in his face!  Sort of like, “THEY ARE STILL HERE!”

I do it to be funny but oddly he is always thankful.

Just 30 minutes ago…while I was reading blogs and sort of thinking about what I was going to blog about….he came in here, put his shirt over my head and shook his belly in my face.


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  1. Not the same at all! But funny nonetheless : )

  2. Hysterical! Thanks for keepin’ it real!

  3. That’s hysterical!!! Definitely not the same!!!

  4. Sass

     /  August 10, 2009

    HAHAHAHA! You two crack me up.

  5. Not the same, but still hilarious.


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