Can’t Wait For September

Well, HELLO there blogworld!  I have missed you so!  If I thought 2009 was bad, I was wrong.  August has been the devil.  Picture horns and flames and EVERYTHING.  I’m not gonna be all poor me (well, sort of) because I do see the positive things that have happened, like my dad recovering, finding Star, and Rob getting his job back, but I’ll tell you what, we are being tested.  I’m not against being tested and I like a challenge so bring it.  But can we be done now? 

In the month of August both cars have broken down and needed repair, one which involved flames.  More on that in a minute.  The Xterra needed new tires, and finally our computer crashed.  Like crashed dead and we need a new one.  So basically it’s as if someone has hooked up the vacuum attachment to our bank account and I’m telling you, I DON”T LIKE IT.  Rob’s friend who is a computer wizard had an extra one that he’s letting us use but it’s childproofed and I can barely get on any websites, like the important ones, like FACE!BOOK!.  Just now I finally figured out a way to get to my blog because I had tried several times before and had a dog barking at me from the computer saying it was a dangerous site.  I’m not sure how I got around it this time, but I’m thankful. 

Last weekend we ventured off to visit friends on the east side of the state.  The ride was going wonderfully, Luke had slept most of the way and had just woken up so Rob climbed in the backseat to give him some snacks and distract him a bit for the last 30 minutes of the ride.  I reach the point in the drive where the highway goes north or south and I’m all ready in my lane to head north, but some MORON decided at the last minute that instead of going south, they also wanted to go north and drove over the median to do so.  This caused the car in front of me to slam on its brakes, I slammed on mine and had to drive into the median to avoid hitting them.  It shook me a tad, but we were all safe and soon we were back on the highway.  We come upon our exit and as I’m slowing down I feel the brakes are very…..what’s the word?  NOT THERE.  We could still stop, but it was not the same.  I tell Rob and he’s all, “It’s fine…” as he says this I realize that we had actually gotten off an exit too early.  Rob points to a suburbish side road and tells me to turn around.  As I do, I inform him again that the brakes are not feeling right and then what do I see?  A PUFF OF SMOKE.  So I turn around and pull off, Rob gets out to examine the situation.  He motions for me to roll down the passenger side window, so I do.

“Get out of the car.”  He tells me calmly.

“Is everything okay?”

“Get Luke and get out of the car, Stace.”

I listen and then I’m all like, “Is the car on FIRE?”

“Yes, it’s on fire.”

Rob had gotten Luke out and handed him to me, then he proceeds to put the fire out with the milk from Luke’s sippy cups.  He tells a guy in his yard to call 911.  He asks another guy if he has a fire extinguisher.  Then he starts throwing our luggage from the back….NOT MY IDEA OF FUN.  But it’s also not my idea of fun to have NOT gotten off an exit too early and be engulfed in flames by the time we reach the right one. 

I’m sure there are worse things, but your car breaking down in a city that you don’t live in, sucks.  But you know what?  It worked out.  The truck was fixed by Saturday at 2:00 and we didn’t let it ruin our weekend.  Honestly?  After the police and fire trucks left, we just looked at each other laughed.  I mean, COME ON. 

So that’s what I’ve been up sans COMPUTER.  And it is hard to not have a computer.  BUT!  The good news is we ordered a new computer (just the box) for the office and we ordered me a laptop!  SUPER EXCITED.  WEEEEEE!  It should be here by Monday, just in time for school to start.  It’s starts next Tuesday and I’m really excited about that too!  So hopefully I’ll be back in the blogworld, the FB world, and I’ll be tweeting from my LAP.   I might be back again this week if I can get to this website again.  I actually had to MAIL OUT A BILL last week because I couldn’t get to the website to pay it.  Talk about SO 1999.  Hehehe.  Ahhhh, my finger tips are jumping for joy right now.  🙂

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  1. I love how he was cool under pressure, and not all “Get out NOW! The car’s on fire!”

    Glad everything’s okay. Sorry about the unexpected bills. They always seem to have a way of showing up at the absolute worst time.

  2. Michelle

     /  August 25, 2009

    I’m glad you guys got out safely. Thank goodness for the milk! I hope the rest of the year treats you and your family better.

  3. Amie

     /  August 28, 2009

    I thought it was interesting how cool Lukey was with the cops and fire trucks all around him. That kid was not scard at all!


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