Early bird gets the parking spot? I hope.

I had one errand on Friday that did not get accomplished due to the delay at the bank.  I had one last book to get for class that starts TOMORROW.  I really hate to wait until the last minute but this was not my fault.  I figured today would not be bad day because school started officially today and everyone would be in class.  WRONG.  Everyone was in line to park, NOT IN CLASS.  I dragged my dad with me down there to sit in the car with Luke while I ran to the bookstore.  I turned around.  Forget it.  I should have been smarter and figured that most students try to get the later classes and since we got down there at 10 am, it was not going to happen.  And because I’m a mom and got the 7:45 am class, here’s hoping it’s less busy for me tomorrow morning.  PLEASE JESUS.  I hope dropping Luke off at 7 am will be plenty of time.  It takes like 12 minutes to get to school and I’m dropping him off FORTY FIVE minutes early.

We got back home at 11.  I laid Luke down for his nap.  He decided he did not want to do that.  We went to the park and ran the trail and then went to the store to pick up some sale items I missed while grocery shopping.  Now we are home.  Now Luke is napping.  Now I’m blogging.  I’m thinking about  napping myself.  But it won’t change that in a few short hours I will packing Luke’s bag, packing my bag and going to bed and soon tomorrow morning will be here and it just seems like a whole new chapter of my life is starting.  And you know what?  I know the other day I said I was nervous but what’s odd is I’m really not nervous at all.  It just seems like something else I have to do.  I wonder if I thought I’d be scared because it’s totally like me to be scared but I think maybe I’ve changed.

Or maybe I’m not scared because after today I know I won’t actually make it to class tomorrow because I’ll be in the LONGEST LINE EVER TO PARK INSTEAD.

This school thing is going to give me so much to blog about.

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  1. Oh, I bet you won’t have any problems parking or going to the bookstore so early tomorrow AM.

    Commuting is such a pain, though. I definitely learned that in grad school — I lucked out as an undergrad!


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