They were clean. I promise.

Tonight when Rob got home from work I had to go pick up diapers, mail out a package, and pick up ketchup and mustard for Rob’s manly football draft, and if there’s no k & m to go on those brats well I’ll be damned!

This story is two fold.

One part is that on my way to Target, I drive by this like condo neighborhood, and I see this pretty old couple….the man has his arm around his wife in the most protective way you could ever imagine and she is slowly walking and he is sort of holding her up and into my mind flashes that maybe she just went through some kind of ordeal like surgery or something and he was like, “Come on honey, let’s get you out for a walk, just to the mailbox and I’ll help you every step of the way.”  (super long sentence, btw)  This scene brought a lump to my throat and I almost wanted to pull over and watch them together because it was just incredible to me.

So that was on my way.

Soon after I got home the first dose of testosterone arrived and that I could deal with, plus I was in the middle of  making Luke green beans and a grilled cheese.  But not long after Luke’s last bite of the grilled cheese I accidentally burned on one side and had to scrape like toast (he didn’t seem to notice), the rest of them arrived.  I had to make a quick getaway, I said my hello’s and then Lukey and I resided upstairs in our bedroom.  There’s not much he can get into up there but the laundry baskets full of dirty laundry.  I propped a pillow up on the floor at the end of the bed and settled into my pillow to watch tv while he explored the bedroom.  He loves the alarm clock and he loves the full length mirror.  I had also brought a few toys for him.  I hear him on Rob’s side of the bed, probably resetting the clock from pm to am and that will be fun for Tuesday morning….anyway, the next thing I know he walks past me back towards the full length mirror and what do I see?  A PAIR OF MY THONGS HANGING FROM HIS ELBOW.  HELLO?  Before I can react, Rob opens the door to ask me to come downstairs for a second and he’s all like, “Huh…what does Luke have?”

At least we weren’t downstairs IN FRONT OF THE MANLY FOOTBALL DRAFT.

And that’s my Friday.  Two fold.

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  1. Jenj

     /  September 7, 2009

    OMG too funny…at least they werent in his mouth 🙂

  2. Amie

     /  September 9, 2009

    Too bad you didn’t have a camera, that could have been the picture you pull out and show his wife years later..You know..Instead of the bath tub one! Too cute!


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