Last night Rob got a phone call from his cousin, A…about his sister, L, who is also Rob’s cousin.  Are you with me?  I overhear Rob saying things that did not sound like anything good was coming out of the conversation.  Later he gets off the phone and tells me that one of L’s friends was recently going through a pretty hard time and L offered for her to stay with her, the husband, and the kids until she could get back on her feet.

I’m nodding along, “Yes, that is very nice of her.”

Based on the conversation I overheard, I assumed Rob was going to say that maybe this friend had stolen money from L or something.

Then he continues and says that L’s stepdad who had just recently married her mom had passed away suddenly.  I knew this part because I’m friends with L on Fac!!ebook and she had posted some stuff about it.  Like….how she went to Florida to be with her mom during the difficult time.

So no, the lovely friend didn’t steal money, she slept with her husband while she was away.  HER HUSBAND SLEPT WITH HER FRIEND WHILE SHE WAS AWAY!

I was sort of shocked.  I mean, I know those things happen to people but I just instantly felt bad for her and was saying things to Rob like, “Didn’t they JUST get married?”

“Yeah, last summer…we couldn’t make it because Luke was like a minute old.”


Then Rob goes on to say that M had told L that he was unhappy in the marriage and was having a difficult time.


Anyway, sorry.  So then Rob says that M never really seemed into the “daddy” role.  They have two kids.

I told Rob that was an unfair assumption, we have not hung out with them enough to really know, and no one really knows that stuff.  But then I proceed to say  how when they had us over for dinner after Luke was born, M seemed helpful with dinner and seemed cool and helped with the fondue…..

We both stop, look at each other.  They had chocolate fondue and we dipped it in every fruit you could imagine and it was SO AWESOME.  THE AWESOMEST.

“Ohhhh, that fondue was good.”  I say out loud to Rob.

“Yes, it was and if they get divorced she should definitely take that!”

I spent the rest of the night driving Rob crazy by asking him questions about his happiness in our marriage.  I just hope he would tell me if he wasn’t.  Or at least buy me one of those fondue contraptions.

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  1. I despise the notion of cheating in general (hello? who doesn’t?), but he cheated while she was visiting her mom because the mom’s husband died? Extra classy.

    And yes, the fondue sounds good. 🙂

  2. Michelle

     /  September 10, 2009

    wew, that was a tough one to follow. I think I understand. Horrible situation! I am confused on who is staying with who though.

  3. Sassafras

     /  September 11, 2009

    Don’t you hate hearing things like that?


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