Lab. And not the big chubby tap dancing kind.

Let me tell you about my lab class.  The class I was probably the most nervous for.  I like it.  Actually, I sort of love it.  Finding the partner wasn’t hard because the tables are set up for four people and then that’s it.  But of course, on the first day only one other person sat at my table.  Someone who barely speaks and when he does you can’t even understand him because he mumbles it quietly.

Great.  He’ll be involved!  That’s what my sarcastic mind said to myself.  And then I was sort of saved when Late Boy (it’s his official name) showed up at 2:15 and was forced to sit at our table because it was the only one left.  Late Boy, even though he was late, was a little more talkative and ready to work as a group.  I liked him.  If only for that reason.  We did our lab for that day and Mumble Boy (also his official name) worked with us QUIETLY, but still did his part when told.  All was good.

The next week I arrived promptly at 2 (I am never late) and soon after I arrived, so did Mumble Boy.   We sat there quietly together while the lab prof instructed us on what to do that day and how it was going to be a busy day!!  Oh lovely.  We are already one man down compared to the other tables and Late Boy was of course, LATE.  Or not coming.  He showed up though.  Same time as the week before.  Does he know what he’s doing to me for those 15 minutes every week?  Scaring the living crap out of me that I’ll have to work alone with Mumble Boy and spend the whole time trying to understand what he’s saying instead of getting the lab done.  OY.

We got through it though.

This week Late Boy never showed.  So instead Mumble Boy and myself have inherited Talkative Tess from another table that she thought she sat at, but because she missed seating chart day last week, she got the boot to our table.  This week was an independent lab though and I loved it.  I wonder if Late Boy is never coming back or if he just was REALLY late this week?  I wonder if Mumble Boy will ever speak up.  What I do know is I’m thankful for Talkative Tess.

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  1. hahaha. The world has all types, right? Glad TT joined your merry group of scientists!

  2. Michelle

     /  September 17, 2009

    I love your stories! Keep them coming. Love the nicknames.

  3. If your lab partners were making a blog nickname for you, what do you think it would be? 🙂


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