It’s Monday. I’m positive.

This week started off on a not-so-good note.

When your alarm goes off on Monday morning and you tell your husband to hit snooze because it’s Sunday.  Not good.

When you hear your phone ringing Monday morning at 7:30am, you will wonder who is calling you this early.  You will wake up 30 minutes later, check the message that your mother-in-law left who is wondering where you are, are you late?  You will have a small panic attack and think, “It IS Monday right, NOT Sunday or TUESDAY?!”  Because on Tuesday you have two tests and therefore cannot be late.  Yes, it is still Monday.  You call her and clear it up.  She laughs about it.  You shit your pants earlier about it.  Not good.  (I really didn’t crap my pants.)

After that slight mix up the week has cleared up.  I’m positive today is Wednesday and tomorrow is Thursday.  Got it.

As I mentioned, I had two tests on Tuesday.  I got an  A on of them and a B on the other.  This makes me happy.  But I also have an update on the Lab situation.

Late boy is back.  He was actually EARLY this week.  I might need to renickname him, but let’s not put the cart before the horse.  Talkative Tess is still talking and making sure everyone does their part.  Mumble Boy.  Oh, Mumble Boy.  I don’t think he spoke one word the whole class!  But Sarah (the prof) came over to our table during our experiment and was talking with us and she said something funny and Mumble Boy laughed (sort of) and she said, “Ah ha!  He smiles!”  So, apparently I’m not alone in recognizing his quietness.   I also realized that I have no idea what Late Boy’s real name is.  I know the other two.  I think it might be Martin but….maybe not.

In other awesome news, Luke is totally talking.  He’s been saying words for a while and I’m sort of upset I never blogged about it since this is for him as well.  It also helps me update his baby book.  For the record, his first word was “dog”.  He also says, “Star.”  But the latest big thing is that when he’s done eating he likes to start throwing food overboard.  For months I have said to him, “Lukey, you don’t  need to throw the food, you just need to say, ‘all done mommy’!”  And I put my arms up in the air while I say it.  Well on Tuesday night, I said that to him.  And he looked at me, put his arms up and said as clear as day, “ALL DONE!”.   Rob and I were so proud.  We clapped and cheered like fools, of course!

September 20, 2009 018

September 20, 2009 013

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  1. Michelle

     /  September 24, 2009

    he looks like you in the second picture. Expression dead on. Love it.

  2. Sass

     /  September 24, 2009

    How cute!


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