I ran into a door last night.


My head hurts really bad today.  Like bad enough that when I got out of the shower and flipped my head over to put the towel on my head, the towel touching my forehead HURT.  When I was blowing drying my hair and the brush even thought about going near my forehead:  PAIN.   When I’m thinking and my eyebrows scrunch up:  PAIN.  In my defense, here’s what happen:

I was coming in from going to the store to get flour so I could MAKE MY HUSBAND COOKIES HE WAS BEGGING ME FOR.  Ahem.  And it was a DOWN POUR OF RAIN.  So the door handle on our front door is the kind where you push down that part of it with your thumb and push it in (great description, no?).  And it wasn’t budging.  And of course I was so patient while the water rolling off the roof (like was someone was spraying me with a hose) starts going down my fleece and ONTO MY SKIN.  So I pushed harder.  Of course when I pushed harder it opened and my forehead met the door frame.   I was delighted.  I shouted, “WOOHOOO, I needed a good head bunt today!  I was saying to myself, man, if I could just get a good head bunt and looked what happened, Rob?  I GOT ONE!”.  And then I did a head bunt jig.  Because sometimes jigs are necessary.

And then I made cookies.

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  1. Ran into a door? You aren’t making some sort of cry for help here that we should be recognizing, are you?

    What kind of cookies?

    • Stacey

       /  September 29, 2009

      Peanut Butter Blossoms! YUM! No cry for help, just a small cry for my sore head.

  2. Jenj

     /  September 30, 2009

    I couldn’t even begin reading this b/c I was already laughing my ass off at the title. I had to breathe and clear my eyes b4 I could begin…good one! 🙂 LOL again!

  3. Katie

     /  August 12, 2010

    I actually just did the same thing except I was running back to my room and didn’t see that my closet door was open until it smacked me to the ground. Now I have a huge red mark across my face from the door, I definitely feel your pain


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