Cut it? Grow it? I just want to love it.

I find it quite interesting that since cutting my hair back 2008, right after Luke was born, I’ve really had no desire to grow it back.  I thought I would really miss it.  I thought I would cut it, not hate it, but then want to grow it back.  I do sometimes miss some styles I could do with it, but I can’t really do those styles right now anyway because of the hair loss I experienced due to pregnancy hormones.  That’s not to scare any pregnant readers, most women do lose some hair but of course I lost a significant amount around my face at my hairline.  I have had many moments of almost tears while getting ready because I would have to smooth down the hairs or where a comb like headband that held them back/down.  These fun little fellows are finally at a point where I can control them and I can really feel a difference now in the fullness of my hair.  The hair under my bangs area is finally growing in and blending into my long bangs and I’m actually loving it.  Ideally, I think I would like my hair just past my neck with some thick/longer type bangs.  Which is how my hair is now, only it rests at my neck, which I consider an annoying phase because I either want it shorter or longer whenever my hair is this length.

I really love the Monday night lineup when it comes to television.  I’m sort of mad they moved The Big Bang Theory to 9:30, but I know what they were trying to do and it worked.  They are trying to get viewers to watch the new show they put on between HIMYM and BBT, Accidently On Purpose.  I don’t hate it.  Although, I’m usually doing something else when it’s on, so I half watch it.  But something did catch my attention and I’d like you tell me what you think:


I think I want this.  I love it.

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  1. Michelle

     /  October 6, 2009

    that would look cute on you. You could do the part on the side or in the center.

  2. That is a hot style!!! Go for it!!!

  3. Amie

     /  October 7, 2009

    I’m not loving it……On her anyway!


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