it’s like I checked into rehab

Today was a really good day.  I got my homework done that I had sort of put off all weekend by 10 am and then while Luke napped I cleaned the entire house, like all three floors, not just like one floor which is what usually happens and then Luke and I played outside for a bit.

Oh!  But I also did several good deeds today, and not just so I could say I did them or anything but deeds that I really like being able to do for people because it seems as if when I’m in those situations, which seems often, that I’ve never gotten to repay people by just doing it for other people even though none of these people are linked.  (whew!)

So this morning when I was upstairs making the bed and I heard a knock on the door, I stopped and contemplated ignoring it, because my hair was in a serious need of a brush and I still had my pajama pants on and when I said it was morning I meant 11:00 am.  I answered it though.  It was the neighbor girl in need of a jump for her battery.  I multitasked it like the mother of the year I am and Luke and I climbed in the truck and made the short drive over to help her out.  It worked out for her too and she kept apologizing and I’m all, no it’s okay, I’ve been there.  Well, not there, but HERE and that was almost worse.

So then!  Later!  Amelia texted me asking for moving boxes which I had told her I had.  I said, yes come over whenever.  She stopped over soon after we finished dinner and had bad news.   Her car needed a visit to the service center and could I drive her?  Of course I could!  Like I would ever say no.

That’s one good deed for October and now I’m ahead for November and December is just overflowing with good will towards men crap so I’m good for the year!

The day got even better when Rob made chocolate chip cookies like thirty minutes ago and I do enjoy a nice warm chocolate chip cookie, IN A CLEAN HOUSE even!  I shared a cookie with Luke and he was all, ah…ah…ah…ah…., that’s his begging noise.  I’m not kidding, he begs for food if you are eating, he is rarely not interested, which is much like his  father.  So he had his shared cookie with me and that was enough for him but he could still see the cookie’s cooling on the racks on the counter so he stood under the counter….ah, ah, ah, ah, ah!  I have to say, this is my least favorite noise….and then Rob scoops him up and says, “Do we need to put you in cookie rehab?”  And that just made me double over in laughter which is another great thing about today.

Oh!  The best part!  I took out Luke’s Halloween costume to hold it up to him, I don’t know, I had a thought like would it be too big and he was so into it.  He cried when I tried to put it away and I didn’t think it would harm anything so I let him play with it, which consisted of him throwing it down and laying on it.  I decided to put it on him and show it to him in the mirror and he loved it.  I’m pretty sure he thought it was a coat though because he ran towards the door and even stopped to beg for his shoes and….ah…ah…ah….ah..ah (okay, so it’s his noise for anything he wants and can’t get on his own) and so I said, eh who cares?  Let’s go out and play and so we did.

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  1. Cookie rehab AND the Halloween costume?! Fun day. 🙂

  2. Sounds like a fantastic day. I love those. 🙂

  3. Maggie has the “i want that”, “I can’t do this without help” uh uh uh uh noise too….

    Yes, your deeds are done:)


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