Just Like Donnie and Marie

The other day my dad called me inquiring about some information that wasn’t necessarily true, but I could tell he was bothered by it.  This information was really between he and my aunt, the aunt I’m the closest to.  Not long after the conversation with my dad, my aunt called and talked to me about their little tiff.  They were obviously in a fight.  She was telling me how when she was talking to my dad she could hear my brother in the back ground telling my dad to relax in more words or less.  Because my dad lives with my brother, hence the ironing board in the background of one these pictures….my dad never goes anywhere without his ironing board, I knew that my brother knew that there was a tiff happening.

So I text him in secret.

Me:  when we get old let’s not be like dad and aunt mary. let’s b like donnie and marie.

Brother:  what does that mean?  I am old!

Me:  no….i mean when we r old old like 65. ur 30’s r not old!

Brother:  No, that was a joke.  Who r donnie and marie?


Me:  a brother & sister dancing/singing act from the 70’s.

Brother:  I’M NOT SINGING!  I might dance tho.

Me:  Fine.  I’ll sing, u dance.  I’ll dance some.

Brother:  k.

I’m so glad we worked that out.


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  1. Now you just have to decide who is a little bit country and who is a little bit rock and roll.

    Love it!

  2. I first LOL when you even thought to be them…my 2nd LOL was that your brother said Who are Donnie and Marie?

  3. Amie

     /  November 6, 2009

    Ok, I always thought Donnie & Marie were strange…. LOL!!

  4. I wish I had that kindof relationship with my bro. I hope we are talking when we are old.


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