Can it be Thursday?

Right at this very moment I’m sitting in the lobby at school.  I sit here every Tuesday from 12:15-2:00 and study, or FB, or blog.  I get kinda mad when the couches are full, especially when it’s full of people who are sprawled out SLEEPING, hello?  make some room!  This one person even brings a blanket.  Every. Week.  Anyway, so I’m stuck on the floor.  My butt hurts.  I’m sitting with my back to the back of a couch that some male is sleeping on.  He keeps cutting the cheese and it is utterly disgusting.

Yes, you just read that entire paragraph correctly.


I have two tests on Thursday so I have kept myself  busy with studying.  I’m glad I took some stolen moments this weekend to escape to our bedroom to do so because Rob got called out-of-town over night for tonight which leaves just the Momma to care for the Lucas.  Yeah, I can study once he retires for the evening but it still won’t be the same without Rob.  We are attached like that.

Someone or something hacked into my twitter account and sent spam DM’s to people.  This makes me sad.  This makes me want to delete it but I don’t want to delete it.  Annoying.

Remember when I went to the dentist?  I’m too lazy to link it, so can you try to just remember it?  Well, I did.  And I got some serious fillings.  I think 3 on one side of my mouth.  I had some pain for a few days but interestingly it was never in my teeth.  It never hurt to chew or anything, I would get pain after eating where he injected the numbing…..stuff?  Whatever it’s called (my butt hurts).   Anyway, yesterday the pain increased and it feels like…..if you’ve ever had braces you will know what I mean when I say it feels like my teeth are moving.  ALL OF THEM.

It hurts in my left cheekbone and it feels swollen on that side of my throat AND it sometimes hurts in my EAR.

I’m pretty sure I’m dying.  I always have this fear of having  a tumor and it just keeps growing and growing and I don’t know about and then one day I will fall over dead.  I know it sounds like I’m making light of this but it is a real fear of mine.

So here’s the thing….do I go to the dentist or to the doctor???

I also get all worked up because I DON’T HAVE TIME FOR THIS.  Making appointments also means making sitter accommodations and I have school, and studying, and dinners to make and AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH.

So there it is.  (MY BUTT HURTS)

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  1. I think the sleeping tooting guy would drive me to find another spot on the floor to sit.

    Also, did you change your twitter password after the spam episode? Hopefully that will help. Also, I’ve heard that if you give your account info to any other twitter related apps it makes it more likely to happen.

    I’d probably choose the dentist for that.

  2. I’d probably call the dentist and see what they recommend and maybe call the dr and see what they say too. They will probably know what you need to do so that you dont have to schedule multiple appts. Also are you running the turkey trot?

  3. Roll the sleeping guy off the couch,
    steal the weirdo’s blanket
    OR start bringing your own lawn chair?


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