Going to the Loo

Our house is quite baby proofed.  It’s baby proof city, baby.  Rob installed safety latches on all the cabinets and we still ended up putting a gate at the kitchen entrance because Luke figured out how to open the lazy susan and I can’t find a safety latch for that.

We also have a gate up to the staircase because while I think Luke is actually very good with steps, they are also quite steep.

We keep the door to the guest room closed only because there is a book shelf in there with books that I don’t want him to rip the pages out of.

And finally……..we keep the bathroom door shut because I have no desire for my son to splash around in the toilet water.  This has happened on accident before and I pretty much bathed him sanitizer.  Ew, ew, ew.

Recently I had the idea to get Luke a potty for Christmas.  I realize that this is not the most exciting gift but the child has plenty of toys and honestly I’ve seen him play with an empty Teddy Graham box for hours while he passes right by the  full drawer of toys AND toy box with zero interest.

I brought up the idea to Rob after I passed by the potty’s at Target and it occurred to me that on January 1st Luke will be 17 months old and I would like to start to attempt to potty train.  I would also like to add that I have no idea what I’m doing when it comes to that.

Anyway, back to the bathroom.  We keep the door shut, but on occasion we will forget to shut it and it does not take long for Luke to notice and it’s a beeline to the bathroom and he’s all, “EEEEEEEEEE!!!  I’M IN THE BATHROOM!  WHAT CAN I GET INTO?”!!!!!!  If he understood presents, I’m sure it’d be like his birthday times 100 for him.  He even does this during bath time.

And the light bulb turned on.

If we are going to expect Luke to go potty in the bathroom then we need to make the bathroom a little less interesting.  We  need it to be like something that is just there, and not like a huge surprise waving in front of his face locked tight with a huge bow on it.

Rob installed the safety latches on the bathroom cabinet this past weekend.  We shut the toilet lid and left the door open.

Here is the problem:


He stayed in that bathroom for an hour and half trying to get in those cabinets and HE DID.  He found a way to get in the drawer and the next thing I know there are q-tips everywhere and there is a blanket of baby powder on the floor.

The bathroom door has been shut since.

Now what?

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  1. He is clearly a genius! My suggestion is to just try to keep everything higher up, out of his reach, if possible.

    Also, how do you keep him from unrolling all the toilet paper?

  2. baby gate at the bathroom door too????
    oh and potty training…um, no clue…
    but yesterday Maggie said Pee…is that my clue to start or was she just mimicking Mommy???

  3. Even though we have latches, our son was never interested in opening cabinets that were off limits. Go figure.

    Have you tried those magnetic locks? Those are 100% childproof. Can’t open them without a special magnet.

    • Stacey

       /  November 18, 2009

      R, he has not gotten to the toilet paper yet because he’s too busy at the cabinets but I’m sure HE WILL GET THERE.

      I’m still just hoping he will lose interest. I’m gonna leave the door open a little bit more each day and see how it goes.

      OR he’ll just wear a diaper forever.


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