Last year was not very fun when we put up the Christmas decorations.  We had only been in the Mary house for two months and I did not expect how difficult it would be to figure out where things would go.  I assumed it would be easy.  It wasn’t.  At the Cheese house I knew where everything went, I had lived there for seven years.  It was figured out.  I remembered it was difficult last year so this year I had a plan.  I decided I would get all the decorations out downstairs and really think it through.  I knew I had to let go of the old way to find a new way and it actually worked.  I feel good about it this year.

Does that mean that things still went smoothly and we were dancing around to Christmas music and kissing in between each decoration we put up?


I actually texted a friend on Sunday that “christmas decorations are going to ruin my marriage.”


But yeah.  I don’t remember what kind of tree we got last year, or even the year before but I remember Rob and I both making a mental note that even when you really like a tree, it’s important for it to have strong branches because it looks rather silly when you hang an ornament on a branch at the top of the tree and it ends up at the middle of the tree.

(Reminds me of my boobs at the moment, minus the ornament hanging from it)

Anyway, it started while picking out the tree.  While yes, I do enjoy a nice fat tree, I also know that last year I thought the tree was a little too fat and stuck out too far from the wall so this year I was looking for more skinny and full.  I thought Rob agreed, but this proved wrong at the farm.

















We finally decided on one but I didn’t want to be disagreeing at all.  I wanted to just agree.  Whatever, we finally got there.








This year we decided to go back to the all white lights vs. the colored lights we tried out last year.  This we did agree on.  Last year, when Rob put the lights on, he was draping them on the outside of the tree, but instead of saying anything, I just let him do it.  I hate to always sound like, “You are doing it wrong.”  He didn’t do this before so I thought it was odd, or maybe it was because the lights were different and it didn’t look that bad when the tree was lit, but it looked really tacky when the tree wasn’t lit.  He also hung ornaments from the light WIRES when the branches were weak, WHAT?  Anyway, I just simply asked if this year we could put the lights more towards the middle of the tree, he said yes and he it was all good.  I sat down and started sorting stuff and let him do the lights because he always does them.  Ten minutes later I look up and he is wrapping the lights around the trunk.  In the tightest spiral you can imagine.

“Um, Sweetlips?  What are you doing?”

“You said you wanted them in the middle.”

“Yes, in the middle laying on the branches, not making out with the trunk.”

He unravels it.  But then he felt like I thought he would.  Like I was running the show.  I wanted to cry.  Maybe I shouldn’t have said anything at all.

This was not fun.  Again.

Rob asked me to show him what I meant.  I did.

We got over it and moved on and the result was good.  But it’s still not how I really wanted it to go.  I don’t know why decorating this house compared to the other house stresses me out.

All in all, the night ended up better and even a great conversation came out of it.  Which is one my favorite things.

So now, I’ll give you the finale.

Tree Tour 2009.  Every tree has a home and I’m happy with it.

Living Room Tree:










Kitchen Tree:








Bathroom Tree:








Upstairs Bathroom Tree:

And I especially love this tree because Rob made me this tree last year just for me.










And finally, Luke’s tree.  For his room.

It wasn’t in him room yet because I finished it after he went to bed.










And other fun pictures from the day:






















And I don’t know why, but Luke started this new walk where he bends his knees.  It’s so funny.  Rob thinks he’s trying to “skate” like the hockey players.

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  1. Your trees all look AWESOME.

  2. itsybitsymama

     /  December 1, 2009

    Ohhh, I love your living room and bathroom trees (all your other trees are lovely, but those are my favorites), and the last picture of your post made me laugh.

  3. that “skate” picture of Luke is hilarious!!!

  4. You have 5 Christmas trees!? No wonder you’re stressed about the decorating girl! I think I would be too. They all look great though, I bet now it’s over you’re just enjoying the view.


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