If Wishes Were Kisses

Everything I want for Christmas is simple, but it’s stuff that I will love to get and makes me excited.

1.   A butter dish.  If it’s shaped like a rooster, I will squeal.

2.  Fashion socks.  My feet feel so much happier in stripes or argyle.  They can’t help it.

3.  Pajama pants.  This is just because my current pj’s are all too big and I get pantsed almost daily by my son.  Not fun.

4.  Measuring spoons.  My Teaspoon was eaten by the garbage disposal and I hate frisking the utensil drawer every time I need a specific measure so I would love to enjoy one that is attached and more user friendly.  Please.

5.  Measuring cups.  I actually love my cups because they were my mom’s BUT Rob uses the 1/4 cup for the coffee so when I need it, I have to wash it.  And then I only  have 1/2 and 1 cup.  I want some that give me more options.  Like 1/8 and 3/4 and 1/3.

And that’s it.  That’s all.

Oh okay, let’s pretend here for a second….if I had more money to spend on something I REALLY REALLY WANT, it would be this:  (I just recently tried to win one but I failed)

Who am I kidding? I would PREFER this, but let’s start small…..

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