More than one birthday

Did you know that James Spader, who up until today I thought was Spade, doesn’t watch himself in anything he acts in?  If for some reason you might be lost for a moment, think the stuck up snob in Pretty in Pink.  Are you with me?  I came across this information today as I watched him on The View.  This is what I learn on my days as a stay at home mom.  This tiny bit o’ information didn’t mean anything to me when I heard it and I continued on with my multitasking.  It’s what I do.  An hour or so later as I read some blogs while contemplating what I might blog about as well, which is nothing because the only thing on my mind today was Luke’s bum and how it became infected in severe diaper rash over night because he took an unscheduled midnight poo in  his diaper, it occurred to me that my blog is turning four years old this month.

Often I will go back and read old entries if I wonder what I was doing for something specific and sometimes I find myself lost in posts from when I was pregnant but after realizing the four-year anniversary was approaching, I did a little random reading.  I put my blog on scan, if you will, and waited to see what popped up.  What popped up made me shutter.  Oh wait, that’s SHUDDER.  Because yes, I had used shutter like the kind that dresses up a naked window not the facial expression or whatever the hell a shudder is.

There’s a few other gems around these parts that I’d like to DELETE but I can’t bring my finger to even go near the delete button.  All in all this is still my blog.   A recollection of all the stuff that’s happened in my life (well, over the past 4 years at least).  There’s a few things missing, I’m sure.  I know that I wished I had written more about my wedding planning, that I had spent more time writing the posts that could have been more significant in their thought process when it comes to taking me back into these important moments in my life.  Perhaps I didn’t realize what I was expecting of this blog then.  Actually, that’s possibly my answer right there.  I happen to love it when I answer myself while I’m writing something out.  It’s why I love to write.  Reading some of these past posts have made me feel as though I have insulted writing.  I have possibly insulted my blog and what I expect it to do for me.  Alright, maybe not.  But if one day, Luke reads this, if not for the fun of it then maybe to understand that his Mother is also human, I hope he can look past my torturous mistakes.  I remember reading something that my Mother wrote once that made me see her in a completely different light.  A light that reflected someone who is human and who still had to question her own choices in life.  I always thought she knew exactly what she was doing because it was the right thing to do.

Well, I love you, blog.  I love writing here.  My gift to this blog is to do my best to put here what I really want here and to try to convey that moment in time and all that comes with it, the funny, the sad, and the happy.

Here’s to us.  It’s no coincidence we were both born in the same month.

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  1. Blogs are awesome. Especially yours. 🙂

    • Happy Blogiversary month!

      I didn’t recognize the name, but when you said snob in Pretty in Pink, I knew just who you meant.

      Wait – So that means he has never seen Pretty in Pink?

  2. Happy blogiversary!

  3. Jenj

     /  January 19, 2010

    That’s it! You’ve done it! You have inspired me to BLOG, everyday or every occation or whatever…but most importantly TO BLOG AT ALL. I’ve kinda dropped the ball here lately and you have inspired me to pick it up again. Also, sidenote kinda: I DO NOT HAVE TO WRITE ANYTHING LONG OR INSPIRING EVERY SINGLE TIME I WRITE, right?


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