Cluck Cluck

Friday January 15th was a glorious day.  Rob doesn’t work Fridays and so we had planned to get up and get going by running a few errands and bringing the late morning to an end with some lunch at the Olive Garden for their soup, salad and bread sticks before returning home just in time for Luke’s afternoon nap.

The morning was going as planned except that we finished running our errands by 10 am and we didn’t really want to get to the OG that early.  Rob asked me then if I would like to stop at Target to look at wine glasses.  He had gotten me wine glasses for my birthday that I really do love but some reason he just thought I was being nice because he kept insisting to me that I could return them.  Do I want to go to Target?  Ah, does a bear shit in the woods?  YES!

Here’s where I stop to tell you something.  No wait, I’ll come back to it.

While we look at the glasses at Target I tell Rob that I do really love the wine glasses and he did a great job picking them but oh!  goodness!  look what we have here!  The kitchen section!  THE KITCHEN SECTION PEOPLE!  I had gotten some birthday money from my dad and as soon as I laid eyes on that section, a hole singed right through the front pocket of my jeans.

A garlic press?  Need it.  Got it.

Measuring cups that have measuring spoons on the handle?  WANT IT.  GOT IT.

Three new wooden spoons?  WHY NOT?  IT’S MY BIRTHDAY!!??!

This spree then sparked the light bulb off in my brain that reminded me that every time I attempt to grab my oven mitt, I want to cry.  I got the most amazing oven mitt/pot holder set for my wedding shower and somehow they have been misplaced.  I either left them somewhere or I lost them somehow but I loved them so much!

I then wandered over to the dish cloth aisle and found some to replace them.  They are not as adorable but they are close.

While we were walking out I noticed one of those dohicky things for holding kitchen utensils that sits on the counter.  It wasn’t one that I liked all that much but I said out loud to Rob that I wanted to be on the look out for one in the near future.

And then he said the most amazing thing.

“Why don’t we go to Hobby Lobby?”

This is where I will stop and tell you what I was going to tell you before.  Rob is often asking what he can do to make me happier, yes he is annoying like that, and most of the time I tell him a few things or I have nothing because I am quite  happy.  Yes, his feet could smell a little more like apple pie and maybe he could actually learn to put the toilet seat down but that stuff is petty.  Seriously though, by him going to Target with me and then going to Hobby Lobby with me?  It made my entire day.  I would have much rather had that then those wonderful wine glasses any day.

Well that was before I came across this little guy.

Meet Charlie.  You can call him Charlie, you can call him Chuck, but don’t ever, ever call him Charles.

How adorable is Charlie?  My heart melteth.

In the back ground you can see the new pitcher I picked up to hold my cherished kitchen utensils.

Here is where I confess that I don’t know what has happened but I have come to fall in love with birds.  I have birds on my comforter.  I have a penguin in my bathroom.  And now I have a chicken in my kitchen.

Here’s the trick though.  Never have too much of a good thing.  So yes, I love penguins and they are so freaking cute but I only need one.  I don’t need a curio cabinet full of them.  Besides I would  never remember all their names.

Gnomes don’t count.  Since the gnomes are the security at this fort, I think we could probably stand to have two more.  Okay, okay maybe three more, but no more than five, I promise you that.

And that was the best Friday so far of 2010.  But little did I know, my birthday was not over yet.

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  1. Jenj

     /  January 19, 2010

    Does a bear shit in the woods?? I don’t use that line enough in my life but I’m going to now. Also, I’m gonna call the bird Chaz!! OK?! ok.

  2. I know what you mean. On weekends, my husband will grab our daughter and snuggle with her so they can nap. I usually get 1 1/2 – 2 hours FREE TO MYSELF and that is the best gift EVER. Even if it means I spend it doing laundry.


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