Letter Number Sixteen

Dear Luke,

It seems we’ve entered a new season of your life.  As Fall turned to Winter, and as Christmas turned to New Year’s Eve, you changed.  You are no longer a baby at all whatsoever, but instead, this persistent babbling toddler that knows what he wants.

It was the beginning of December that we visited the doctor for your fifteen month check up and he informed us that at your eighteen month appointment he would be focusing on your verbal skills.  Your Daddy and I kind of looked at each other on the way home and said, “We need to start working on his words.”  It’s not that you weren’t saying things, you actually have said some words for quite a while but we hadn’t heard anything new in some time.  This made us feel as though we needed to spend some quality time with you so you are ready to impress in February.  Well, let me tell you, we did practice those words.  We practiced the flash cards you got for your birthday which you seemed to have no interest in, really.

You liked the car, so you said car.  You liked the dog, and you said that, but you have said that since you opened your mouth.  You didn’t like the girl, but you said, “Good girl” because you already say that to Star.  You did not seem interested at all.

Then suddenly, the week before Christmas we were busy, and we didn’t focus on those cards and amazingly all these new words came tumbling out of your precious mouth.  “Truck.”  “Truck”.  You love trucks and especially the big one’s.

You love to look out the window and watch the school bus, the garbage truck and any other large vehicle that is a “truck” to you.

“Touchdown” came next and then “football”, which makes me laugh because it sounds like “buttball”.  You’ve also caught on to “more” finally after all those times you would throw your empty sippy cup at me demanding your milk and I would say, “Luke, can you same ‘More Mommy, please Mommy?'”  And now you say it, although I think you might think it means milk, but you are also saying please and thank you!

In other news, you have learned how to climb up on the desk in the office as well as the kitchen table.  I’m not so sure I love this, but your persistence in learning this feat is remarkable.  You have practiced for quite sometime. But while that is more of a challenge, I also enjoy that recently you will sit on the couch and watch some cartoons when I ask you to while I take a shower.  I almost fell over dead when I came out of the shower and you were still sitting on the couch.  I asked you stay there while I got ready but this was too much to ask because the closet was calling your name.  It’s okay, I understand.  So you go in the closet and I wait for you to call me and then  I come and let you out.  You laugh so hard, it’s worth it.

Just in this last week you are saying “bye” very clearly and waving.  You’ve waved hello before but your goodbye wave is clearly different and what I love is you always add in a “See ya”.  My favorite.

And finally, another new word is “sock”, although you still won’t keep them on longer than it takes for you to figure out they are on.

By far, my most favorite thing at this moment is our conversations.  You are full of purpose when you sit down next to me or get my attention while we are eating dinner to tell me something very important.  I do not understand a word you are saying but last week this went on for twenty minutes and I couldn’t be happier to respond to you and ask more abut this imaginary subject we are talking so thoroughly about.   Sometimes you laugh after you get done talking and my heart explodes.  I love it.

And just today, you sat in a booster seat at the restaurant, not a high chair, and I’m just amazed at how only seventeen and half months have gone by since you’ve been born and how far we have come.

So while all these new events are occurring, you still love to play and by far YOUR favorite thing is your hockey stick and you rarely put it down.

I see many visits to the penalty box in your future, my son.  (Your Daddy and Uncle go there often themselves.)

And here we are.  Spring is just around the corner, well, it’s a long corner but it’s coming, nonetheless and I look forward to these next 6 months with you before you turn two.


Wow.  It’s going to be fantastic fun.

I love you so much.



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  1. Girl, you might as well put the blanket in your trunk now. Three years ’til you become a hockey mom! 😉


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