Well, that was lovely and completely normal

It feels like I shouldn’t talk about this because so many people don’t talk about jobs on their blogs or interviews for jobs on their blogs, but it’s no secret that I don’t have a job.

When I’m forming this post in my head it sounds ridiculous to try to write it without talking about the title of the position but let me try anyway.  Be ready for some confusion and some back story.

So back when I was laid off, there was no question in my mind to finish school.  I had gone part-time here and there over the years and then I was in a good upswing of returning for good, but then I started my new job at my last employer.  I took time off because this job required a lot of not knowing when my work day was starting or ending and some traveling.  Then I got married.  Then I wanted a baby.  Then, before I knew it, I was laid off.  And like I said, that was the first thing that came to mind.  Because it’s important to me.  Very much so.  I started out trying to work with the program our state has at getting unemployed workers back to work, but we didn’t see eye to eye on the expectations they had for me, and the expectations I have for myself.  While I see nothing wrong with a certificate in medical billing or other things of that nature, it’s not what I wanted.  I wanted a degree.  The four-year kind.  And since I had already started down that path, I wanted to finish it, not back track.  Because ultimately that want is never going to go away.  I know this is true.

I came home one day last Spring after having a last and unproductive meeting with my “case worker” and sobbed to Rob.  I had done so much research, so many calls had been made, I had done so much to try and work with this program and I had wasted my time.

“What do you want?”   He asked me.

“I want to be a stay at home mom and finish my degree.”

“Then that’s what you’ll do.”  I love him for that.  I love him so much for that.

But then, he lost his job.  And while yes, he got his job back, it also came with a pay cut.  A pay cut that while now is fine, it won’t be when my unemployment insurance runs out.  It panicked me a little but I’m not one to be pushed down so it would not be a big deal to me if I had to find a part-time or even a full-time job while finishing school.  The benefit might even be that a full-time would  help pay for that education.  And maybe! even be in the field I’m going into for experience.  Even a part-time  job doing that would be fine with me because I’m all about gaining experience.

So over this course of time going to school I have applied for jobs.  Mostly part-time, some full-time if they would be worth it.  I don’t want to be scrounging for a job the last week of my unemployment check.  Hello?  That is not me.  I apply for jobs that while no, I have never held the position but I have plenty of experience to hold the position, get my drift?  And I’m not talking VP or anything like that. It also helps to add that the degree I’m working towards is very applicable to these types of jobs I’m applying for and that is also on my resumé.

Are you with me?


I had applied for this part-time position back in December, so I was surprised to get an email about it yesterday.  And then the woman called to talked to me and she was super friendly and we hit it off and she wanted me to come in yesterday!  I couldn’t though so I scheduled it for today.

When I applied for this job I imagined this part-time position as an administration position to help out the manager above me.   But after talking to this woman it was a little different from that but from what she told me, it wasn’t far-fetched.

But maybe it was.

Because what they are actually looking for is for someone to completely create that department and I don’t have that type of experience at all.  It’s not that I couldn’t do it, but part-time?  I was actually surprised that he expected someone part-time to carry out what he’s looking for, but that’s up to him, I guess.

It was this though, when he said, “Man, I wish my wife would have been more thorough in her screening process”, that made me want to cry.

Can you say…punch to the gut much?  Goodness gracious, buddy.  Should I get up and leave?  And this was quite early in the interview so it threw me off for the rest our little chat.

It wasn’t a total bust.  He did say quite a few positive things and he was actually quite impressed with my knowledge (I actually thought he might have hired me on the spot for something else if I wasn’t there for that) but I was just taken back by what the job description was that I applied for versus what his expectation was.  And also how his communication skills with his wife sucks balls.

But, I don’t know, I couldn’t help but feel a little like a loser.  Like I’m trying to break free of this label I have for what I do in my career but that’s all people see me as.

That maybe I should stick to cutting the crust off pb&j’s while singing pat-a-cake.

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  1. But actually, wasn’t that kind of an eye-opener to knowing who you would be working with? And it’s not that guy, for sure.

  2. Too bad you didn’t have peanut m&m’s to throw at his head, but then WHY WASTE PEANUT M&M’S on a douchebag like that?!!

  3. Ugh. I’m sorry! It wasn’t meant to be and yeah, what a jerk he was. But shouldn’t YOU be pissed that he wasted YOUR time instead of the other way around?

  4. I agree with Courtney – he wasted your time!! Sounds like he’s missing a sensitivity chip!

  5. It’s not that you weren’t a good candidate, it’s that this guy had obvious ideas of what he wanted in a candidate that he didn’t communicate. Don’t let this guys get you down!

    It sounds like you are really liking school and really liking being a mom, so I’m very happy for that!

  6. Ugh. Someone needs to think before he speaks! What a tool.

    Keep your chin up, kiddo. Something good will come along. And it won’t be with someone who blurts out such stupidity in an interview.


  7. OK, this guy loses MASSIVE points in professionalism AND communication. I’m finally leaving a job with a boss like that, and I cannot tell you enough that you’ve dodged a bullet. I know it doesn’t feel like it right now (trust me, I’ve bawled endlessly throughout the process), but you are going to find something GREAT!


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