Not doing what I’m supposed to be doing

We already finished dinner.  Mexican lasagna.  It was delish.  I’m secluded in the bedroom so I can study for my Wednesday night class.  I have a quiz tomorrow night.  I’m not studying though, instead I’m blogging and getting frustrated because I have no idea what to study.  Everything in this class is so subjective.  Last week when the prof was asked what we should study she said, “I don’t know, I haven’t wrote it yet.”  She never really said, although I think based on how this class is going, it won’t be difficult.  BUT, I don’t want to not do anything and then get in there and not have a clue.  So I decided to study the terms.  But the terms are ridiculous.

It’s snowing and blowing a bit here today and we ARE under a warning, maybe class will be canceled?  I won’t be too sad about that.

More to come, of course, but I probably should get back to not studying.

Here’s a little cuteness to look at:

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  1. He is such a little boy- not a baby any more!

  2. Nobody ’round here has school today. Were you so lucky?

    Oh, Luke and those eyes of his. He’s already a heartbreaker!

  3. good luck on the quiz!

  4. Michelle

     /  February 10, 2010

    He’s a toddler now! What a cutie! He looks like he has changed so much in just a month. I love that last picture with the half smile. Love him!

  5. Mexican lasagna is awesome!

  6. what the heck is Mexican Lasagna?


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