Shrove Tuesday

It always seems that the weekend before I have an accounting test is stressful for me.  All I can think about is when I’m going to study, which is always plenty enough, but it still gets to me.  It consumes me.  I’ve never felt as good after an accounting test this year as I did after the test today.


The feeling I have after the test is so familiar.  I’m completely relaxed and ready to get other things done.  I see a good nights rest and a full day of cleaning in my future.

I’m so tired of wet dirty wood floors, I can’t even tell you.  I want to spring clean so badly but it just doesn’t feel right when it’s 20 degrees outside.  Although today it was 30 and I swear it felt like a heat wave.

I love to hear Luke say any new word because it makes my heart soar, but every morning he wakes up he says, “Mommom, snow?”  Yes, Luke, snow.  SNOW EVERY DAY, LUKE.

I’m also just done with gray skies.  I’m in need of some sunshine.  Don’t you just want to feel the warm sunlight on your face?  Don’t you want to put on some cute flats or a brand new pair of running shoes and feel the cement under your feet without the fear of falling flat on your backside?  Don’t you kind of want a new bikini to wear as you sink your freshly painted toes into the delicious warmth of grainy beach sand?  Don’t you want to snap pictures with your new Nikon D3000 that you got from your Valentine?  Oh wait, I totally get to do that!

I want all those other things too, in due time, I suppose.  I’m actually more concerned about Luke’s spring/summer wardrobe than I am my own, that’s one of the joys of motherhood (and I actually don’t mind it at all), but I was in the midst of my own daydream there for a second.

In other worldly news, it’s Fat Tuesday tomorrow.  It’s time to sacrifice.  At least for me.  It’s something I do.  I’m usually good at it minus the year I was pregnant and I gave up two things and I had to take one immediately back when all I kept craving was peanut m&m’s.

So…I’ve been thinking, which is always fun, about what I should give up.  I decided that it’s too easy to get lost on the computer/internet.  And it’s especially easy when you own a laptop.  Perhaps since I’ve owned this laptop, that could be an issue for me.  Could, is, whatever.

Well, I can’t give up the internet entirely because I use it for school and banking.  I also have no desire to give up blogging or reading blogs or emailing BUT, I am going to give up Face!book.  Sometimes it’s just too easy to be on there too long.  Sometimes it’s just too easy and I think most of you who read this and have a Face!book page might know what I mean.  After I made this decision I had this guilty feeling because honestly, a lot of my family waits and expects updated pictures of Luke.  That’s how they keep up.  But then I told  myself that instead of relying on FB, I will write letters to my family who is active with me on FB.  I wrote my aunt at Christmas time who does not use FB and she wrote me back.  I’ve meant to write her back and as much as I could probably pick up the phone and call her, isn’t it nice to get a letter in the mail?  I know I love it.

Along with it, I’m going to limit my internet time.  So yes, I will still blog and read blogs but I will only allow it for a short time each day.  I have some other things I want to concentrate on like my knitting, a new book I was gifted, and some projects.  AND, it’s not forever.  It’s 46 days.

So, there it is.  Enjoy Fat Tuesday.  Eat a Paczki.  Blueberry is my favorite.

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  1. Michelle

     /  February 16, 2010

    you got a new camera! How exciting! I definitely want to go on a photo excursion with you. I noticed you had some very nice photos on FB lately. I was going to ask if you had been practicing. You took a lot of good ones. Fun perspectives too.

  2. Jenj

     /  February 16, 2010

    i’m giving up Will for 3 hours everyday — at preschool— for Lent LOL 🙂

  3. I remember giving up Scooby Doo when I was younger. Why was I so mean to myself? 🙂

  4. Back when I was in college I gave up coffee. I stopped drinking it all together until summer rolled around and I had to take an 8am Immunology class….took up drinking coffee again real quick!

  5. Breezy.
    That was Breezy right?


    Facebook is a time sucker:(
    I should set a timer for my Maggie’s napping facebook time, I’d get way more done.


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