Raising Luke

I find it interesting that after you have kids and even sometimes before you have kids, you have already made up in your mind what you will do differently from your parents.  It’s also interesting that you even know what you might do the same as your parents as well.

This occurred to me before these two posts by one of my favorite bloggers but when I tried to comment on her post, it was becoming a blog post of my own, so here we are.

When it comes to feeding Luke, in a lot of ways, I’m exactly like my mom.  I’m a big believer in homemade food.  I’m sure I had processed food in the school cafeteria growing up, but when I was at home, everything was homemade.  I didn’t even know potatoes came in a box until I was much older.  We always had fruit and vegetables, although sometimes I didn’t want them.  What’s interesting though is that we never had sweets, except on a holiday.  So when Christmas came my mom would make huge amounts of cookies and we could eat them.  And when we got our Easter baskets, it was a free for all.  It was the same way with clothing as well.  We only shopped one time per year so when Christmas came it was a giant expectation of all these clothes and or gifts.  Here is where I stop to disagree with my parents.  I found as I grew up and got on my own that since I could  now control my sweet intake, that’s all I was going to eat, because I was never allowed to have them.  And I’m gonna go shopping when I want because I never got to when I was a kid.

I’m not mad at my parents for this because part of it was because of money as far as the gift/clothing thing went but this has led to me to believe in the concept that everything should be in moderation.  I’ve come to think that if something is always there, maybe Luke won’t care so much about it.  I don’t want him to expect all these gifts at Christmas because he’s gotten what he needed throughout the year.  He may get one or two things he really wants but then I want him to understand more about the concept of Christmas.  And that leads me back to the food subject, I feel if I don’t keep him from things, he won’t be so curious and hog-wild about them when he gets access.  But believe me, I cringe when my MIL gives him fruit snacks.  I double cringed when I walked in to pick him up and he was eating mini Oreos.   Oh goodness.  When I pack a cookie in Luke’s lunch, it’s a homemade cookie.  Made with ingredients that I put in myself.   And I do my best to pack the healthy things he does love so he won’t be hungry for her fruit snacks and Oreos.  He loves banana’s and he double loves blueberries.  Those are easily packable.  It’s kinda hard to pack my homemade sweet potato fries though.

I just find this subject interesting because so much we do is or isn’t because of things our parents did or didn’t do and I even see it in my friends.

The same thing goes for me and child spacing.  Everyone keeps telling me to hurry up and that more than 3 years apart is a nightmare.  Really?  Because my brother and I are 3.5 years apart and I think we got a long pretty darn good growing up.  Yes, we had few years there, I think I was like 11 and he was 14 when are relationship was somewhat strained but the for the most part, it was really good and continues to be.  Now my husband and his sister are 11 months apart and I that makes me what to puke when I think about how I could ALREADY have another kid.  AH, NO.   But there’s also the factor that what if it can’t happen?  It’s not as easy as just wanting to get pregnant and then you are.  Sometimes it ends up being sooner or later than we want, but every family finds a way and it usually works out how it’s supposed to.

One of my other favorite bloggers just blogged about this today and I have to agree with what she said about how having another one seems like so much work initially, but the sibling will last a lifetime, and this is something I think of often.

I’m just writing this for the purpose of writing it.  It’s stuff I think about a lot.  By no means am I an expert.  I mean, I found my son licking the living room wall yesterday if that tells you anything.

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  1. Jenj

     /  February 17, 2010

    Well, maybe the wall had some leftovers on it 🙂 AND OMG YOU WOULD *cringe* IF YOU KNEW *exactly* WHAT I FED MY KIDS…I’m a horrible mother…

  2. Hello! Thank you for the linking. 🙂

    I think it depends on your childhood — there are a lot of things I WON’T do with my daughter, but plenty I want to emulate — like taking her to theatre at least once a year like my parents did. I have seen nearly every musical broadway production out there and I appreciate it for what it is and what it gave to me growing up.

  3. Michelle

     /  February 17, 2010

    I’m impressed with you and no processed foods. Good for you. You do enjoy cooking, which makes that way of life much easier. Way to be healthy! I try, but at times, it’s a lot of work. Instant potatoes take less time.

    Licking the wall, that cracked me up. I can just imagine him doing it and the look on your face when you found him.

  4. again, those words…Processed Foods…
    I need a life re-vamp

  5. Oh, thanks.

    B does eat some processed foods, but we also try to make sure he has lots of fresh fruits and veggies too. My mom grew a ton of food in her garden and canned it. She made almost everything from scratch too. While I would like to do that, it’s just not in me. I have thought about what places I’d like to bring B and what kind of one-on-one things I want to do with him, like my parents did.


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